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Nursing Scholarships 

This application is for all scholarships administered through the Carr College of Nursing. Scholarships are for those who will be a junior or senior nursing major during the fall semester or spring semester. Scholarships are competitive.
  1. The deadline for submitting this application is March 2ndApplications received after the deadline will not be considered.  
  2. Please list the names for the following reference categories:  The applicant is to request references in person (not through campus mail, etc.) from one Harding University teacher, one professional acquaintance, and a person familiar with the applicant through a religious affiliation.  Please print the reference forms by clicking here.
  3. Scholarship applicants will be notified of the results by official letter. 
  4. Most nursing scholarships consider an applicant’s GPA. Generally, a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher is necessary to be competitive. However, not all scholarships are based on academic performance.  
  5. If the applicant was awarded a previous nursing scholarship, the applicant must re-apply for scholarships the next year. If another scholarship is awarded, it may not be the same scholarship, and it may not be the same amount as the previous award.  
  6. If the applicant changes his or her major from nursing, does not enter the Carr College of Nursing, or leaves Harding, any award granted is returned to the scholarship fund.  
  7. Many scholarships consider the applicant’s financial need status. For the Scholarship Committee to make a fair assessment of financial need, all applicants must complete the necessary paperwork to apply for financial aid in the University’s Financial Services Office. If an applicant’s financial aid information is not available for the Scholarship Committee to consider, that applicant will not be eligible for scholarships that use financial need as a factor in awarding the scholarship. Applicants whose financial aid status will change (i.e., through marriage, etc.) during the 2014-2015 academic year should consult with the financial aid office to determine changes in eligibility for financial aid and the impact of the change on the amount of financial aid received.  
  8. Service Projects: Please note that nursing scholarship recipients are expected to participate in service projects offered by the Carr College of Nursing. Recipients serve 5-15 hours during the course of a semester, depending on the amount of scholarship funds received.
Please complete the Application for Scholarships below.  Please limit any information to at least 3 sentences in the application.

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