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Credit Hour Calculator


Under federal regulations, institutions of higher education are required to come into compliance with federal requirements regarding the definition and assignment of credit hours as set forth in 34 CFR §600 and §668.


Harding University Policy and Resources

In the Fall of 2012, Harding University approved a university-wide policy (pdf) regarding credit hours. 

To comply with this policy, Harding created a Credit Hour Calculator (xlsx) (CHC).  This tool is used to evaluate the academic requirements of every course to ensure that the course meets federal regulations and includes a research-based component regarding the time that should be allocated for different levels of reading difficulty and different levels of student proficiency. 

How to use the Credit Hour Calculator:

  1. With a copy of a course syllabus, complete the information at the top of the form, including the number of credit hours assigned to the course. 
  2. Identify the level of reading difficulty associated with course assignments and the level of student proficiency.  (For most courses, the default is to assume all students are of average ability.)
  3. Using the syllabus, enter course assignments. 
  4. The CHC will calculate whether the required number of hours has been met.

The examples below show how data can be entered for different types of courses:

Syllabus Statement:  Each course is required to contain this syllabus statement (docx) regarding credit hours.

Higher Learning Commission (HLC) 2013 Conference

Representatives from Harding University gave a presentation (pptx) regarding the CHC at the Higher Learning Commission conference in April 2013.  It summarizes the process that was used in the development of this tool, as well as the research behind it.

The handout (pdf) provides some examples as well as a summary of the research that was used in the development of the CHC.

Office of the Provost