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Student FAQ

What are the disability requirements and policies?

Students with Disabilities: It is the policy for Harding University to accommodate students with disabilities, pursuant to federal and state law. Therefore, any student with a documented disability condition (e.g. physical, learning, or psychological) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations, must contact the instructor and Disability Services at the beginning of each semester. (If the diagnosis of the disability occurs during the academic year, the student must self-identify with Disability Services as soon as possible in order to get academic accommodations in place for the remainder of the semester.) Disability Services is located in Room 205 of the Student Center, telephone, 501-279-4019.

What are the Global Literacy requirements and how do I submit a waiver?
In recognition of the interrelatedness of world cultures and the Christian mission of worldwide evangelism, the global literacy requirement ensures that a liberal arts education includes the development of skills, knowledge, or dispositions that will help students interact meaningfully with the world, specifically beyond the borders of the United States.  The range of skills and content knowledge applicable to this category suggests that the general goals of global literacy may be met in a variety of ways through a combination of courses listed in the catalog.
The global literacy requirement is waived for all international students.  Other students who wish to apply for a waiver of the global literacy requirements (on the basis of extended residence abroad, for example) may have their appeal considered by the Global Literacy Committee.
To submit a waiver request the student must:
  1. Log into Pipeline.
  2. Select the Student menu from the My HU Info menu.
  3. Select the Student Records menu.
  4. Select the Global Literacy Waiver Request menu item.
  5. Complete the form, and press "Send Letter."
You should receive a reply to your request for waiver within one business week.
What Handbooks are available for Grad and Undergrad?

The Student Life site has both Undergrad and Graduate/Professional Handbooks available at the bottom of the page.

Where can I get information about the teacher evaluation process?
Office of the Provost