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Program Complaints

General Complaints regarding the Program or misconduct.  

The HUPT program takes seriously all program-related complaints.

It is preferred that the complaint be in writing, however a complaint may be relayed to the Program Director verbally.  (See attached form.)   The Director shall, based upon the complaint and information from such, conduct further investigation if deemed necessary.  He shall promptly determine the facts surrounding the issue, determine the validity of the complaint, and resolve the issue; however, where the Director deems it necessary or appropriate, the matter shall be considered by the Dean of the College of Allied Health and/or the Assistant Provost for Health Sciences.   If it relates to a clinical education matter, the Director of Clinical Education is involved.   If the complaint is in regard to the Program Director, the Dean of the College of Allied Health will directly conduct the investigation.  If, as a result of the investigation, it is determined action is needed, corrective action will be taken promptly.  All investigations of complaints are reported to the Dean of Allied Health. If, after review by the Dean, further actions are deemed necessary, the Program Director will act in accordance with decisions made by the Dean.   In any case, the Director will reply in writing to the complainant.

Complaint Form.pdf