Welcome to Spring Sing at Harding University

People ask me all the time - What exactly is Spring Sing?

To state it briefly, Spring Sing is a musical revue. Our musical revue format allows over 1000 students from over 20 social clubs and organizations on campus to take part in the annual production. Over 11,000 people from all over the country and all around the world come to Searcy, AR to see the production on the days before Easter Sunday each year. And while that is impressive, it does not make Spring Sing at Harding unique.

Spring Sing is a 40 year old tradition at Harding University. But Spring Sing is not the oldest musical revue show out there on university campuses. Musical revues involving fraternities and sororities have been around at schools like Villanova, Northwestern and Brown since the 1920s. In church of Christ related schools, a similar show at Abilene Christian celebrated 50 years in 2006, and a club based production at Lipscomb has been around for over 40 years. Tradition is great, but it is not what makes Spring Sing at Harding unique.

Even the name Spring Sing is not unique to Harding. Our friends at Oklahoma Christian have always pointed out that we borrowed their concept and name for our production. I wasn’t here then, but that is possible, because Oklahoma Christian borrowed that name and format from Oklahoma State, who borrowed it from UCLA, who borrowed it from an a cappella singing festival, who.. you get the idea. . Spring Sing is a fairly generic name, and it is not what makes Spring Sing at Harding University unique.

So what is unique about Spring Sing? I would suggest three things that make Spring Sing at Harding something out of the ordinary.

First - People.

The students of Harding University display a depth of talent, dedication, compassion, cooperation and Christianity that can not be found anywhere else in the world. Joint devotionals between rehearsals, competing clubs helping one another with ideas and contacts, creativity in abundance, energy and enthusiasm for being a part of something bigger than yourself, these are hallmarks that make these people unique - and as a result Spring Sing at Harding University benefits.

Second - Purpose.

Spring Sing at Harding University is not designed to be a fund raiser for the university. It is designed to be a fun-raiser. It is a showcase of campus talent in a fast-moving professional atmosphere. Our production standards are designed to match standing shows you might see at a theme park or entertainment venue. The difference is we use 800-1000 performers versus 25 - 60 performers. Music and Theatre professionals work with students to enhance each part of the production. In addition, purpose is seen in camaraderie - an opportunity to deepen relationships by working with others - something we hope and pray has a spill over effect to the church, school work, relationships, and careers.

Third - Perspective

Spring Sing offers a unique chance to serve those outside the campus. Social clubs compete for cash prizes to be donated in their name to charitable organizations. Alumni see clubs giving their best to share with those who need our help. Prospective students see what matters most - not glory for self, but comfort and concern for others. Spring Sing is also unique in that the club directors have a special award they vote on each year - The Spirit Award - given to the club show that their peers believe has best demonstrated the spirit of Jesus Christ throughout the rehearsal and performance process.

People. Purpose. Perspective. That’s what makes Spring Sing unique. Come experience it for yourself.

Dr. Steven N. Frye

Director, Spring Sing