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About Us

Harding University's TRIO Student Support Services is a five year federally (Dept. of Ed.) funded program serving 275 participants with yearly federal funding of $366,385. Harding University's SSS has been improving retention, graduation and academic achievement among disadvantaged students for nearly two decades.

Our program includes all of the activities required by TRIO, including

  • Academic tutoring, directly and through other services
  • Advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection and appropriate degree selection
  • Activities designed to assist participants in applying for admission to, and obtaining financial assistance for enrollment in graduate and professional programs
  • Information on both the full range of Federal student financial aid programs and benefits and assistance in completing financial aid applications including FAFSA
  • Counseling designed to improve the financial and economic literacy of students including financial planning for postsecondary educational aid
  • Personal Professional Counseling for qualified participants

Our program also offers participants services that are permitted but not required. These features include personal, career and academic counseling, counseling related to career options, exposure to cultural events and mentoring involving upper level students.

Our program is comprehensive and holistic in its approach to meeting student needs. We offer instructional and emotional support to participants through a freshman year experience organized around a supplemental instructional model that's tied to essential 'gateway' courses. By clustering students in these courses, we create small communities of peers who can offer one another support and who are nurtured by staff and tutors. Participants are strengthened both individually and in groups during enrichment activities designed to build their confidence, provide cultural education, motivate and inform them to achieve their best and support one another. Our staff members are highly trained professionals who focus exclusively on project participants and work together to meet their needs. Our tutors are professionally trained as well in best practices of one-to-one peer instruction. The project is a highly valued and visible part of the campus community, and has met and surpassed most project goals for each cycle. We desire to continue this track record in response to the new standardized objectives and to use thorough evaluations to guide our development over the next five years.

FY 2010-2015 Funding Amount: $366,385/yr.Grant Aid Amount: $25,000 
Program Objectives based on Department of Education regulations
Persistent Rate:75%% of all participants served by the SSS project will persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year or graduate and/or transfer from a 2-year to a 4-year institution during the academic year.
Good Academic Standing Rate:87%% of all enrolled participants served by the SSS project will meet the performance level required to stay in good academic standing at the grantee institution.
4 Year Graduation Rate:53%% of new participants served each year will graduate within six (6) years.


Student Support Services

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