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Chapel is important to the basic purpose of Harding University.  Our reason for existence is the integration of faith, learning and living. Our major objective is that all students grow spiritually while attending this University.

The university specifies that daily chapel service be held with attendance mandatory for undergraduate students who are under the age of 25 and taking nine or more credit hours a semester.  Services last 35 minutes and always include a devotional period and announcements of general interest.  The planned programs are designed to stimulate intellectual, religious, social or aesthetic development.

Chapel is under the direction of the president of the University.  A Chapel Program Committee plans and recommends programs for his approval.  Many programs are presented by students and student organizations.

In addition to the spiritual emphasis and the varied programs, chapel provides a coming together experience for the entire student body and faculty.  The camaraderie and Christian fellowship opportunity is one of the unique aspects of student life at Harding.

The University is committed to a continuing analysis and evaluation of chapel to make it a most worthwhile experience.  Appropriate attitudes and behaviors for the foundation of the Chapel experience are expected.

Chapel Etiquette

-  Be on time.
-  Students who are tardy will need to check with the appropriate chapel checker before walking quietly to their seat.
-  Students who are more than 10 minutes late will be counted absent.
-  Students are allowed 10 unexcused absences per semester, as well as five written excuses for illness.  The written excuses must be turned in within seven days of the absence.  
   After these absences, any other absence from chapel must have a Student Life dean's approval or a note from a medical professional.
-  Sitting in someone else's seat is not allowed.  Students must sit in their assigned seat or they will be counted absent. 
-  No food or drink is permitted in the auditorium.
-  Men should remove caps during chapel.
-  Laptops, cell phones and headphones may not be used during chapel.
-  Appropriate respect for speakers and others is expected.

Chapel Schedule

Live Audio

iTunes U (some noteworthy chapels are available here)

Chapel Time

There are two scheduled chapel services in the Benson Auditorium.  Students must choose between 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. chapel.

Seats are assigned by the Office of Student Life.

Student Life

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