Student Life

Student Organizations



Academic Quiz Team
Academic Quiz Team exists to sharpen the minds and competitive spirits of talented students through intra and intercollegiate contests.  The fall intracollegiate competition provides a funnel through which the traveling team is formed.  The competition culminates with the regional intercollegiate competition, then, perhaps, to the national level.  Contact Chris Kirk.

Accounting Society
This organization formerly known as Pi Gamma Psi, is organized for the purpose of providing accounting students with an opportunity for fellowship with other accounting students and with the accounting faculty. This organization also provides a forum for accounting students to hear and discuss career options that an accounting degree will make available to them. Contact Dr. Phil Brown.

AIGA Student Group
The American Institute of Graphic Arts is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design and is known as "AIGA, the Professional Association for Design".  The AIGA Student Group is an academic organization for graphic designers or any student interested in graphic design.  The group accepts design projects that provide students with graphic design experience.  A nominal fee is charged for design services.  In addition to providing design for the community, students travel to design studios for tours and portfolio reviews, and host guest speakers on campus.  Contact Stacy Gibson.

All Missions Fellowship

All Missions Fellowship is comprised of students interested in missions that meet for prayer, worship, and learning about God's work in the whole world.  Visiting missionaries frequently are guests at All Missions Fellowship meetings.  Meetings are generally required of missions interns traveling under Global Outreach.  Contact Dr. Shawn Daggett.

Alpha Chi
The object of the Alpha Chi Honor Society is the promotion of scholarship among the students of Harding University and to making scholarship effective for good. Membership is open to junior and senior students who achieve the highest scholarship rating. Good moral character is a qualification of membership. Contact Dr. Linda Thompson.

Alpha Chi Malachi
The goal of Alpha Chi Malachi is to promote spiritual growth and unity; to provide practical experience and training in preaching, teaching, serving, etc., for those majoring in Bible, Missions and Religious Education; to provide speakers on requested topics; to create an atmosphere within the club of camaraderie and fellowship; and to effectively utilize officers and members in carrying out their stated objectives. Contact Devin Swindle.

Alpha Pi Chi Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International, Inc. (Graduate - Professional Organization Only)
The purposes of the Alpha Pi Chi Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International, Inc. are to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.  Contact Dr. Marc Fager.

Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society, ETA Omega Cast

Alpha Psi Omega is a theatrical society designed to promote and strengthen theatre at Harding University. The chapter's major area of effort - advocacy and member development - accomplishing this mission by helping to improve the learning environment and by fostering an appreciation for quality and theatrical achievement through active participation. Contact Ben Jones, Britton Lynn, Robin Miller or McKay Murray.

American Choral Directors Association
The purpose of the American Choral Directors Association are: to foster and promote choral singing which will provide artistic and spirited experiences for the participants; to foster and promote the intelligent understanding of choral music as an important medium of artistic expression; to cooperate with all organizations dedicated to the development of musical culture in America; and to disseminate professional news and information about choral music. Contact Dr. Cliff Ganus.

American Marketing Association
The purpose of the American Marketing Association is to provide opportunities for each member to expand his knowledge of marketing and to prepare himself for a career in marketing. Contact Lori Sloan.

American Society of Interior Design (ASID)
Student members of ASID the students will receive a periodical and other mailings relative to their profession. As student members they will qualify for acceptance as Allied ASID members as soon as they graduate. They will also receive substantial fee reductions for Allied membership. Contact Amy Cox.

American Studies Distinguished Students
The American Studies Institute was developed to train students for leadership in business, public life and education. Membership is open to 50 junior and senior students in any major with the highest grade point averages. Students are invited to apply each fall semester. Contact Dr. Bob Reely.


Barristers is a pre-law club. Its objective is to bring those who plan a career in law the opportunity to exchange ideas; invite prominent men in the legal field to come to campus; visit a law school nearby and attend a class or moot court; discuss law school admissions procedures, including the Law School Admissions Test; and to form a point of communication with former Harding students who are now in law school or have received a law degree.  Contact Dr. Steven Breezeel.

Belle Canto
Belle Canto is a women's choral ensemble that rehearses two days a week and performs a variety of sacred and secular literature.  Auditions are open to any female student and are held during Student Impact in the fall.  Contact Susan Shirel.

Belles & Beaux

Since 1959 Harding's exciting pop group, Belles & Beaux have featured a wide variety of music from classical to country to rock and everything between. This in-demand instrumental/vocal group maintains a full schedule of performances including trips throughout the nation. Belles & Beaux is open to all interested musicians and all performance positions are filled by audition. The 15 select members of the group receive a scholarship. Rehearsals are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. Interested individuals should contact Chuck Hicks.

The Bison Newspaper
The Bison Newspaper is Harding University's school newspaper.  For more information contact Katie Ramirez.

Bisons for Christ
The mission of Bisons for Christ is to assist all members of the student body at Harding in finding their place and purpose through service and involement.  Contact Liz Howell.

Business Information Technology Students (BITS)
The purpose of Business Information Technology Students is to make a social atmosphere where information technology students can come together and share information with each other.  BITS will inform students of current industry trends.  Industry speakers will be at the meetings as well as the sponsor to report feedback from recruiters, internship partners, etc.  BITS will educate students of potential employment environments by organizing tours with large IT companies such as Axiom. BITS will also help students understand where they fit in the world of computing and help them network and plan their study schedules here at Harding University. Contact Dr. Reet Cronk, Dr. Jake Stewart, or John Stone.


Campus Ministry United
The mission of Campus Ministry United is three-fold.  This organization exists to provide ministry-enrichment materials for existing campus ministries, assist Churches of Christ sponsoring new evangelistic ministry plants, and to provide training and mentoring to empower future campus ministers and ministry planters to be effective.  Contact Marvin Crowson or Dr. Bill Richardson.

Campus Players
The objective of the Campus Players is to encourage the development of theatrical skills, knowledge, and abilities to a high level of proficiency; to develop leadership in the field of theatrical production; to develop a sense of individual responsibility; and to encourage use of Christian principles in the theater. Contact Ben Jones, Britton Lynn, Robin Miller or McKay Murray.

Chamber Singers
The Chamber Singers, a group of twelve to sixteen highly qualified members, typically sing Renaissance and contemporary music.  Members may also sing in the Concert Choir or the Chorus.  The Chamber Singers rehearse twice a week and give three or four concerts on campus each year, as well as take a regional tour once a year.  Contact Dr. Kelly Neill.

College Democrats 
The purpose of this organization is to promote a greater political awareness amongst the students of this university, to support the highest values and policies of the Democratic Party and those public officials who exemplify these values, and to help the community benefit from these values and policies. Contact .

College Republicans
The purpose of this organization is to develop all Republicans on the campus into an intelligent, aggressive, cooperative, and informative Republican group; to provide through its organization a means to encourage participation in the activities of the Republican Party; to promote in every honorable and appropriate way the platform and candidates of the Republican Party; to provide the student body the means for getting practical political education. Membership is open to any student intending to subscribe to the above set of purpose and to generally support the candidates of the Republican Party.  Contact Dr. Rich Brown, Mary Kate Collins, Dr. Shawn Fisher, Justin Lillard or Dr. Jake Stewart.

Collegiate MENC, National Association for Music Education
With more than 65,000 members, Collegiate MENC, National Association for Music Education is the largest association dedicated exclusively to the advancement of music education. Their main objectives are to provide information, resources, and services for music education professionals; provide a forum for exchange of ideas through publications and meetings; promote the perception of music as an essential area of study; foster the utilization of the most effective techniques and resources in music education; investigate curriculum needs and develop resources for effective music education; encourage excellence in music education by recognizing individual achievements and contributions to the profession; and maintain an effective liaison with national organizations that have allied interests in the arts and music education. Contact Dr. Cindy Carrell.

Concert Choir
The ninety member Concert Choir was organized in the fall of 1988.  Members are chosen by auditions which take place at the beginning of the fall semester.  The majority of members major in something other than music; approximately thirty majors within the university are represented.  The group maintains an active concert schedule and tours to churches in Arkansas and surrounding states. Contact Dr. Kelly Neill.


Delta Mu Delta
Delta Mu Delta is the Business honor society. Contact Dr. Rich Brown or Dr. Bryan Burks.

Didaskalos is a service organization for students interested in children's ministry or some aspect of teaching or teacher development in the Church. Contact Dr. Jerry Bowling.

The Dyssack Trainers
The purpose of the Dyssack Trainers is to educate and instruct in the manners and methods of western historical combat in a safe and organized environment.  Contact Dr. Scot Crenshaw.


Exercise Science Club
The Exercise Science Club is for exercise science majors only. The purpose of the Exercise Science Club is to exemplify and admonish Christ in all that they do, promote the exercise science major, and to further the profession. Contact Dr. Bryan Phillips or Dr. Ken Turley.


The Financial Planning Association
The purpose of the Financial Planning Association is to assist in the professional, educational, and social development of college students interested in finance, banking, and investments; provide an association for college students actively interested in these fields; encourage interaction between business executives, faculty, and students of business and finance; and fulfill the mission of Harding College of Business Administration by preparing Christian business professionals for lives of service.  Contact Ken Moran.

French Club (Le Cercle Francais)
The French Club is for the purpose of bringing together those students who have similar interests in France, the French people, and the French language. Membership is open to any student interested in the French language and culture. Contact Dr. Joli Love or Dr. Robert McCready II.


Gedanken Society
The Gedanken Society is a Chemistry club that is set up to organize and fellowship between the students and faculty of the Chemistry Division of the Physical Science Department and to enhance professional development and research opportunities for chemistry and biochemistry majors. Membership is open to all chemistry majors and minors who have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Contact Dr. Ed Wilson.

Global Outreach
Each summer students have the opportunity to travel to work with the churches of Christ and missionaries on the field throughout the world.  These mission trips and internships vary in length and focus.  Students raise their own funds from private solicitation which are then receipted by the Global Outreach office.  Contact Ken Graves.

Good News Singers
Harding's Good News Singers is a popular acappella group which specializes in close harmony, interesting arrangements and spiritually uplifting music. The group tours throughout the country and appears at churches, youth rallies, teen nights and other special programs. Good News Singers is open to all interested singers and all members are chosen by audition. The 10 select members of the group receive a scholarship. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Interested individuals should contact Chuck Hicks.


The Harding African Students Association (HASA)
The purpose of the Harding African Students Association (HASA) is to support and foster the social, cultural and academic interests of HASA members.  The association seeks to promote Harding University's global mission ideal by engaging in activities that promote a positive image of African societies; as well as activities that foster mutually beneficial relationships between its members and the rest of the university community.  HASA also seeks to assist new African students at Harding University adjust to life in the United States.  Contact Dr. Usenime Akpanudo or Dr. Kwame Yeboah. 

Harding Athletes as Role Models (HARM)
HARM is composed of athletes who go around to the area elementary schools and talk to kids about making the right kinds of choices involving drugs, alcohol and staying in school.  These athletes try to influence kids by using their own lives as a Christian influence and role model.  Contact Ronnie Huckeba.

Harding Chinese Students and Scholars Association
The Harding Chinese Students and Scholars Association is dedicated to the goal of promoting cultural, intellectual and social activities for Chinese students and scholars at Harding and for other interested members of the Harding community.  The Harding Chinese Students and Scholars Association acts as a liaison among its members on the Harding campus by facilitating communication between themselves and with other groups of the Harding community.  It also strives to provide opportunities and benefits for its members by facilitating the exchange of information between China and Chinese students studying abroad and organizing its members to participate in school activities and clubs, so that Harding Chinese students can adjust to life in America.  Membership is open to all students and scholars currently enrolled at Harding.  Contact West Ling.

The Harding Criminal Justice Association - Alpha Theta Omega The objectives of the Harding Criminal Justice Association - Alpha Theta Omega are: to improve criminal justice through educational activities; foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies; promote professional, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues; encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professional training in criminal justice; provide a unified voice for professionals in, and students of, criminal justice; promote high standards of ethical conduct, professional training, and higher education within the criminal justice field.  Contact Dr. B.J. Houston.

Harding Disc Golf Team
The purpose of the Harding Disc Golf Team is to glorify God in what they do, help to grow the sport in the collegiate level, promote a team atmosphere, and to have fun while providing a competitive environment.  Contact Dr. J.D. Yingling.

Harding Film Studies Association
The purpose of this organization is to encourage the serious study of film as an art form and to encourage fellowship among members of the Harding University community who are interested in sharing ideas about film. Contact Dr. Ken Hammes or Dr. Larry Hunt.

Harding in Action
Harding in Action is a student led organization that reaches out to the community through various acts of service. They do yard work, childcare, elderly visitation, paint, help people move, etc. The requests for help come to the Student Association.  Contact Philip Habegger.

Harding Student Advertising Agency
The Harding Student Advertising Agency is a group of Advertising and other Mass Communications majors that collectively or individually work on selected client accounts for creating and delivering creative and strategic messaging through a variety of mass mediums.  Membership in the organization is not limited to Mass Communications majors and would welcome all majors including Business, Marketing and Professional Sales majors.  Contact Steve Shaner.

Harding United Soccer Club
The purpose of the Harding United Soccer Club is to use the sport of soccer as a medium through which the club can share their love for the game and for God with others and the community at large.  Contact Mark Gregory.

Harding University Animal Science Association
The purpose of the Harding University Animal Science Association is to help support its members in the study of the animal sciences, continue in the original occupation of man as stewards of God's Creation, and to promote animal welfare and conservation in all areas where humans and animals interact.  The Harding University Animal Science Association hopes to provide a professional network of likeminded individuals to aid them throughout their careers.  The organization will achieve its goals through extracurricular study, both theoretical and hands on.  Contact Dr. Steve Cooper, Dr. Joseph Goy or Dr. Trixie Lee.

Harding University Athletic Training Student Association
The purpose of the Harding University Athletic Training Student Association is to encourage intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth among the athletic training students.  The club strives to demonstrate the professional aspects of athletic training to athletes, students, faculty, staff and the community.  It also helps athletic training students prepare for certification and improve services to the athletes through skill sessions; encourages and/or aids athletic training students in gaining membership status in the National Athletic Trainers Association; and remains knowlegeable about current issues and events in the area of sports medicine.  Contact Ronnie Harlow or Dr. Randy Lambeth.

Harding University Baja Club
The purpose of the Harding University Baja Club is to design and build a Baja race vehicle to the specification set out by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and to compete in at least one of the annual competitions held by the SAE.  The Harding University Baja club also seeks to promote Christ through example in every interaction initiated by being a member of this organization; to provide opportunity for engineering growth and application for Harding University students; to build team work, problem solving, communication and management skills for the students involved; and to promote Harding University's engineering program to businesses, alumni and prospective students.  Contact Wes Plybon or Rich Wells.

Harding University Chapter of the Student Academy of American Academy of Physician Assistants (Graduate/Professional Organization Only)
The purpose of the Harding University Chapter of the Student Academy of American Academy of Physician Assistants is to foster the personal and professional development of physician assistant students, encourage educational excellence, and advocate for student and professional issues.  Contact Gary Hill.

Harding University Chorus
The Harding University Chorus explores fine choral literature of all varieties, tours in this country and abroad, and sings regularly with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.  Information concerning repertoire, activities, and auditions is found at  Contact Dr. Cliff Ganus.

Harding University College of Pharmacy American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists (Graduate - Professional Organization Only)
For over 40 years, the American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA - ASP) has played a key role in helping students navigate through pharmacy school, explore careers in pharmacy, and connect with others in the profession.  Contact Dr. Gabriella Douglass or Dr. Jeanie Smith.

Harding University College of Pharmacy Council of Students (Graduate - Professional Organization Only)
The Harding University College of Pharmacy Council of Students (COS) is an organization of professional pharmacy students whose primary objective is to serve as the voice of the student body.  The COS's goals are to establish two-way communication and express views on pharmaceutical education between students and educators and to promote and perpetuate professionalism and adhere to the principles of ethical practice in all areas of pharmacy.  Contact Susan Grace.

Harding University College of Pharmacy NCPA Student Chapter (Graduate - Professional Organization Only)
The purpose of the Harding University College of Pharmacy NCPA Student Chapter is to provide a forum for pharmacy students to learn about the many career opportunities available in independent pharmacy practice.  The objectives of the student chapter are:  to promote the pharmacy profession and the role of independent pharmacy in the health care system; to maintain and expand educational programs, to strengthen student members' professional, business, and leadership abilities, and to encourage emphasis on the practical realities of modern community pharmacy practice; to provide effective support and sponsorship of programs which encourage careers in independent pharmacy practice; to promote communication and mutual understanding among health professionals in areas affecting the practice and education of these disciplines; and to educate the public on the proper use of prescription and non-prescription medication and on the pharmacist's role in providing patient care.  Contact Dr. Ashley Earley, Dr. Tim Howard or Dr. MaRanda Sanders.

Harding University College of Pharmacy Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (Graduate - Professional Organization Only)
The mission of Harding University College of Pharmacy Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (HUCOP SSHP) is to increase awareness of the myriad pharmacy practice areas available in health-systems, provide students information regarding residency training, and encourage membership and participation in state and national health-system organizations.  Organizational goals include fostering student leadership, promotion of safe medication use and service to the community, as well as development of strong student advocates for our profession.  Contact Dr. Sarah Griffin or Dr. Rayanne Story.

Harding University College of Pharmacy The Rho Chi Society (Graduate - Professional Organization Only)
The Harding University College of Pharmacy The Rho Chi Society is a pharmacy academic honor society that encourages and recognizes excellence in intellectual achievement and fosters fellowship among its members.  Further, the Society encourages high standards of conduct and character, and advocates critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy.  Contact Rodney Richmond.

Harding University Family and Consumer Sciences Student Association
The Harding University Family and Consumer Sciences Student Association is a pre-professional organization for students majoring in any Family and Consumer Sciences field, and thus supports the mission of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences to improve the quality of life for individuals and families.  As a member, students will have service and leadership opportunities at local, state and national levels.  Contact Becky Boaz or Rebecca Teague.

Harding University Fishing Club
The primary purpose of the Harding University Fishing Club is to encourage camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and development of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers through participation in activities, special interest meetings and presentations, and competition both intra-club and intercollegiate.  Members will be eligible for competition with other schools in FLW National Guard College Fishing tournaments and other fishing tournaments on a local, regional and national basis.  Contact Dr. David Collins.

Harding University Italian Club
The purpose of the Harding University Italian Club is to increase students' knowledge of Italian language, culture, geography, and customs, in order that they may be effective communicators and culturally diverse individuals upon entering overseas studies or programs such as Avanti Italia, Italian Campaigns, or Harding University in Florence.  Contact Dr. Joli Love.

Harding University Jazz Band
Auditions are held in August of each year and are open to any Harding University student. The band meets regularly during the entire year performing on and off campus. Contact Dr. Cindy Carrell or Dr. Scott Carrell.

Harding University Lacrosse Club
The Harding University Lacrosse Club's purpose is to provide a venue for students who would like to continue competitive participation in the sport of Lacrosse. Contact Brian Harrington.

Harding University Orchestra
Contact Dr. Michael Chance about information regarding the Orchestra and when to audition.

The Harding University Pre-Pharmacy Club
The purpose of the Harding University Pre-Pharmacy Club is to foster a better understanding of pharmacy as a career, better prepare currently enrolled Harding University pre-pharmacy students for admission to Colleges of Pharmacy, to help provide experiences and knowledge that result in more competitive pharmacy school applications, give real-world experience in the "word of pharmacy", provide pre-pharmacy-related leadership opportunities, and sponsor pharmacy-related programs.  Contact Dr. Melissa Shipp or Dr. David Cole. 

Harding University Rugby Athletic Club
The purpose of the Harding University Rugby Athletic Club is to teach and improve the rugby skills of players, to promote team spirit through competitive games with other rugby clubs, to provide athletic conditioning as well as the conditioning of the players' aggression in a sportsman-like manner on and off the field, and to recognize and promote the national growth and interest of collegiate rugby.  Contact Brian Harrington.

Harding University String Quartet
Contact Dr. Mike Chance about information regarding the String Quartet and when to audition.

Harding University Student Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
The purposes of this student branch are to advance and disseminate the knowledge of electrical engineering; provide an initial means of contact with the professional industrial world by means of touring industry, inviting guest speakers, participating in related industry events and involvement in IEEE events; prepare students for standardized professional testing; and promote development of an ethical and community conscientious student and future engineer with a Christian worldview.  Contact Dr. Charles Wu.

Harding University Student Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
The purposes of ASME include:  advancing and disseminating the knowledge of mechanical engineering; providing an initial means of contact with the professional industrial world by means of touring industry, inviting guest speakers, participating in related industry events and involvement in ASME events; preparing students for standardized professional testing; and promoting development of an ethical and community conscientious student and future engineer with a Christian worldview.  Contact Dr. Brad Miller.

Harding University Student Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
The purpose of the Harding University Student Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is to provide opportunities for Harding University students to network with other students and the engineering industry as well as the medical field and to embody Christian values and ethics into the field of engineering and healthcare.  Contact Dr. Lance Gibson or Taylor Williams.

Harding University Student Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
The mission of the Harding University Student Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists is to support the free press, free flow of information, and the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America; to instill the highest ethical standards in those planning to practice journalism; to encourage talented individuals to pursue a career in journalism; to expose members to different aspects and manifestations of journalism; and to create an environment where future journalists can find support and fellowship in one another.  Contact Dr. Dutch Hoggatt or Dr. Jim Miller.

Harding University Student Nursing Association (HSNA)
The purposes of the Harding University Student Nursing Association are to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality health care; to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns; and to aid in the development of the whole person, and his/her responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life.  Contact Jeanie Burt, Johnetta Kelly or Patty Smith.

Harding University Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (HUSSHA)
The purpose of the Harding University Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (HUSSHA) is to become aware of the current issues and advancements in the fields of Speech Pathology and Audiology and to uphold the ASHA Code of Ethics.  Students must have declared Speech Therapy as a major.  All members must have a 2.0 GPA.  Contact Tim Chance or Dr. Dan Tullos.

Harding University Students for Life
The purpose of Harding University Students for Life is to inform, organize, and activate pro-life students on campus.  Members of Harding University Students for Life work to protect life from conception to natural death, particularly those lives threatened by induced abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia.  In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life at Harding University and on a local, state and national level, to educate others on life issues, to help those in need so that life is a promising choice, and to work with others who share common goals.  Contact Dr. Jared Dockery or Dr. Cheri Yecke.

Harding University Ultimate Frisbee Club

The purpose of the Harding University Frisbee Club is to glorify God in all that they do, promote the sport of ultimate Frisbee, provide a competitive learning environment and promote a team atmosphere. Contact Dr. Kevin Stewart.

Harding University Wind Ensemble
Auditions are held in December of each year and are open to any Harding University student.  Five concerts are performed in the spring on campus.  Contact Dr. Michael Chance.

Harding University Women's Ultimate Club
The purpose of the Harding University Women's Ultimate Club is to glorify God in all that they do, promote the sport of Ultimate Frisbee among women, provide a competitive learning environment and promote a team atmosphere.  Contact Dr. Justin Bland, Dr. Steve Cooper or Amber Hug.

Health Care Student Association
The Health Care Student Association exists to facilitate Health Care Management majors in the school of Business.  Contact Dan Summers.

Health Science Club
The purpose of the Health Science club is to provide information and opportunities to students interested in a health science career. Any student interested in a health science career may sign up. Contact Dr. Debbie Duke.

Hearts After HIZ
Hearts After HIZ seeks to rally students who have studied at Harding in Zambia to service projects that benefit the people of Namwianga and Zambia.  Contact Janice Bingham.

Honors College
The Honors College of Harding University is dedicated to providing honors students with opportunities for intellectual growth and social interaction, and representing these students to the administration and faculty. All students who have been accepted to the Honors Program are consequently members of the Honors College. Contact Dr. J. Warren Casey.

The purpose of the organization HUmanity is to be advocates and activists in bringing about social change regarding issues directly affecting the marginalized of the world and surrounding community.  The organization will accomplish this goal through practical education of the student body and surrounding community as well as creative implementation of ideas, which will lead to change regarding peace and social justice.  Members affirm that humanity's standard of living can be bettered by grassroots activism implemented through peaceful, Christ-like action to bring about positive change in the global community.  The organization holds no affiliations to any political party or political ideology.  The organization HUmanity bases its actions on the guidance given in Micah 6:8 that all mankind must live lives of mercy, justice, and humble acknowledgment of God.  Contact Dr. Kathy Dillion, Dr. Amy Qualls, or Dr. Terry Smith.


The International Business Society
The purpose of the International Business Society is to provide cultural interaction between students who are interested in International Business and to gain business skills and awareness about opportunities involved in global business. This organization also recognizes and unites with the Harding University School of Business mission to prepare Christian business professionals for lives of service and strives to emphasize the importance of Christian principles in their future business careers. Contact Mike Allen.

The International Student Society
The International Student Society promotes the international students' profile on campus and their interest among faculty, staff, and the student body. This organization also provides assistance to international students in adapting to the host culture and gives them a chance to share their culture at Harding University. Contact Dr. Nicky Boyd.


J.E.S.U.S. Project
The purpose of the J.E.S.U.S. Project is the promotion of Christian values among its members, conducting fund raisers over the school year in order to obtain funds for helping a community in El Salvador called "El Icacal" by supplying them with school supplies, clothing and a week of campaigning in the local school.  Contact Dr. Nicky Boyd.


Kappa Delta Pi
Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in Education.  Its purpose is to promote excellence in and recognize outstanding contributions to education.  This society endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, quicken professional growth, and honor achievement in educational work.  Invitations for society membership are sent to students.  Contact Dr. Donny Lee.

Kappa Pi, the International Honorary Art Fraternity
Membership will be based primarily on achievement in the art field and artistic interest, with some emphasis on congeniality and leadership qualities.  Only upperclassmen will be considered and to be a member you must be an art major.  Contact Dr. Steven Choate or Greg Clayton.

Kinesiology Club
The Kinesiology Club is designed for Physical Education majors.  Contact Dr. Jessica Moore or Dr. J.D. Yingling.

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The Multi-Cultural Student Action Committee
The purpose of the Multi-Cultural Student Action Committee is to plan activities and to get the minority student population involved in campus life. Contact Dr. Butch Gardner.


National Broadcasting Society (Alpha Epsilon Rho)
The objectives of the society are to encourage and reward scholarship of broadcasting students, and high level accomplishments in the art and science of broadcasting by both students and industry professionals; to promote the advancement of broadcast education; to establish meaningful communication between students and professional broadcasters; and to foster integrity in the use of the powerful instruments of radio, television and film. Contact Tim Hamilton or Mark Prior.

Nu Delta Chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu, Incorporated
Kappa Omicron Nu is a national honor society dedicated to recognizing and encouraging excellence in scholarship, research, and leadership in family and consumer sciences. In order to accomplish the society's missions, Nu Delta Chapter: promotes scholarship and encourages intellectual development; promotes research and fosters the spirit of inquiry; confers distinction for high achievement; promotes leadership development; stimulates student and faculty dialogue; enriches the intellectual environment of higher education institutions; encourages high standards of practice and ethical behavior; and promotes attitudes of professional responsibility for the public good. Contact Dr. Denise Fisher or Dr. Beth Wilson.


Omicron Delta Kappa
Omicron Delta Kappa is a National Leadership Honor Society. The purposes of Omicron Delta Kappa are to honor those who have exemplified the ideals of leadership, scholarship and service; organize as a unit for further service to college; stimulate continued leadership among its members; and foster service as a worthwhile goal for all students. Harding's Omicron Delta Kappa Circle is actively involved in hosting events for the university such as Homecoming or the President's Council and each spring the Circle hosts a Leadership Seminar which acts as an open forum for many student leaders to learn from campus and community leaders. Contact Dr. Bob Reely.

OutReach America
OutReach America is a campus wide, student led, organization directed by a faculty sponsor under the guidance of the Center for World Missions.  These students plan to get jobs after they graduate and support themselves as they minister to people and help the Church grow.  Contact Marvin Crowson or Dr. Kelly Elander.


Pep Band
Open to any Harding University student with high school band experience, the Pep Band plays at all the men's and women's home basketball games. Contact Dr. Wesley Parker.

The Petit Jean Yearbook
The Petit Jean Yearbook is Harding University's Yearbook.  For more information contact Katie Ramirez.

Phi Alpha Theta
Phi Alpha Theta is an international Honor Society in History and is also a professional society. The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to promote the study of History through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. Contact Dr. Julie Harris or Dr. Kevin Klein.

Phi Eta Sigma
This organization is a national freshman honor society based on the grade point average of a student's first semester. Once a person has been made a member into this society, he/she will always be a member. Contact Dr. Linda Thompson.

Pi Kappa Delta
Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary forensic society. Its purpose is to stimulate progress in and to further the interests of, intercollegiate speech activities and communication in an effort to provide functional leadership training for life and at the same time, encourage a spirit of fellowship, brotherly cooperation, and incentive for achievement. Contact Dr. Patrick Garner.

Pi Sigma Alpha
Pi Sigma Alpha is a national honor society in political science. It is open to junior, senior, and graduate students. Phi Sigma Alpha's main purposes are to bring together students and faculty interested in the study of government and politics, and, to stimulate scholarship and intelligent interest in political science. Contact Dr. Steven Breezeel or Lori Klein.

Pied Pipers
The Pipers are a children's theater troupe performing a delightful blend of familiar fairy and folk tales, nursery rhymes, poems, games, and songs. They perform in any space, ranging from closets to gymnasiums, and entertain approximately 20,000 students each year. Contact Dottie Frye.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Club (Pre-OT Club)
The purpose of the Pre-Occupational Therapy Club (Pre-OT Club) is to provide awareness of the current occupational therapy profession, graduate schools with accredited programs, provide a support network for Pre-OT students, as well as volunteer and community service opportunities.  Contact Judy Hall.

Psi Chi
Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology for psychology majors and minors. Contact Dr. Travis McNeal.

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) exists for students interested in public relations and communications.  Contact Katie Ramirez.


None for Q


Radio Station AM 1660
Radio Station AM 1660 is a low-power non-commercial AM service for the campus.  The purpose of the station is to provide a radio training facility for students and provide a radio service targeted specifically to Harding students.  The station is streamed worldwide on the Internet at  Contact Dr. Dutch Hoggatt.

Radio Station KVHU FM 95.3

Radio Station KVHU FM 95.3 is a commercial FM station serving central Arkansas.  The station is streamed worldwide on the Internet at  Contact Dr. Dutch Hoggatt.

Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)
The Radio Television Digital News Association is the world's largest professional organization devoted exclusively to electronic journalism.  RTDNA represents local and network news professionals in broadcasting, cable and other electronic media in more than thirty countries.  All Harding University broadcasting journalism majors are encouraged to join RTDNA.  Contact Dr. Dutch Hoggatt.

Relay for Life at Harding University
The purpose of Relay for Life at Harding University is to provide an opportunity for students to bring cancer awareness to Harding and the surrounding community, as well as raise funds in support of the ongoing fight against cancer.  Relay for Life at Harding University seeks out other students and community members to let them know that they are not alone in their struggles while they, a family member, or a friend are battling against cancer.  Contact Lisa Bryant.


The objective of SALT is to provide education majors an opportunity to discuss issues in education on a local, state, and nation level. It provides idea workshops and training for the local teachers and becomes involved in promoting education for the children in the local schools. Membership is open. All secondary and Elementary Educations majors are encouraged to join. Contact Lisa Bryant.

The Scribblers are a group of Harding students who meet weekly to read and discuss their original poetry and fiction. The group also holds free public readings on an irregular basis throughout the year. There are no dues. Contact Dr. Terry Engel or Nathan Henton.

Sigma Tau Delta
Sigma Tau Delta is an international English Honor Society. The purposes of the Society are literary, educational and charitable. The Society strives to: confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies; provide, through its local chapters, cultural stimulation on college campuses and to promote interest in literature and the English language in the surrounding communities; foster the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing; promote good fellowship among its members; and exhibit high standards of academic excellence. Contact Dr. Michael Claxton or Dr. Kathy Dillion.

Sigma Theta Tau International Epsilon Omicron Chapter
Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Omicron International is a nursing honor society with over 400 chapters. Harding's chapter, Epsilon Omicron, was installed in 1982. The purpose of the club is to recognize superior achievement; recognize the development of leadership qualities; foster high professional standards; encourage creative work; and strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the nursing profession. Contact Jeanie Burt, Dr. DaLynn Clayton, Jackie Harris or Dr. Cathleen Shultz.

Sign Language/Dactylology Club
The purpose of this group is to teach and train hearing people to preach the gospel and work among deaf people in the way they desire to serve.  Any student at Harding University who has an interest in learning sign language is invited to join.  Contact Dr. Linda Thompson. 

Smiles for Christ
Smiles for Christ is a service project group that raises money to help children in Honduras.  Contact Dr. Nicky Boyd.

Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM)
The purpose of SAM is to assist in furthering the practice of professional management through the interaction of students, faculty and operating managers. The members of the Campus Chapter oversee activities of the Campus Chapter with a member of the faculty acting in an advisory capacity. All students must be enrolled in an accredited school of high education and have an interest in management. Contact Dr. Mike Oliver.

Society of Near Eastern Archaeology The Harding Society of Near Eastern Archaeology is for the purpose of bringing together those students who have similar interests in the history of the lands of the Bible, particularly as it may be studied through the discipline of archaeology. Contact Dr. Dale Manor.

The purpose of Souvenirs is to enrich students' knowledge of poetry and broaden their appreciation of the art form. Contact Dr. Nick Boone or Dr. Michael Claxton.

Spanish Club
The purpose of the Spanish Club is to aid and increase the student's proficiency in the Spanish language and broaden knowledge and interest in the Hispanic culture. Contact Ava Conley.

Spring Break Campaigns
The Student Association encourages students to involve themselves in a campaign during the annual spring break week. These student-led campaigns are not sponsored by the University and students are responsible for the campaigns as well as for financing their costs by soliciting funds from private benefactors. Contact Andrew Baker.

Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
The objective of this organization is to network with members of the professional organization, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Student members will have opportunities to learn about the variety of career opportunities in the field of nutrition and dietetics, and they will have opportunities for volunteer experiences and nutrition-related service projects.  Contact Dr. Lisa Ritchie.

Student Association
The Student Association is an executive committee made up of elected officers and elected representatives from each class. Also, there are 10 standing committees whose chairmen and members are nominated by the Student Association president and approved by the vote of the executive council, the Student Association sponsor and the administration. Student Association officers and class representatives are elected in the spring. Class officers and Student Association freshmen class representatives are elected after school begins in the fall.  Contact Philip Habegger.

Student Chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children
The purpose of this chapter is to advance the education of exceptional individuals and to promote related educational, scientific, and charitable purposes. The chapter supports The Council for Exceptional Children in all its efforts and participates in all appropriate governance activities of The Council for Exceptional Children. Contact Dr. Carol Douglass.


Theatron is a Christian Drama Ministry organized under the Youth Corps charter. Selection of membership is by audition each fall. The members are expected to be active members of Youth Corps. Contact Andrew Baker or Logan Light.

Thundering Herd (Marching Band)
Open to any Harding University student with marching band experience, the Thundering Herd plays at all home football games. Contact Dr. Michael Chance or Dr. Wesley Parker.

TV16 News
Harding University's television station launched its first broadcast on September 26, 1983, as TV12 on the White County Cable Television system in Searcy Arkansas.  Mike James and Lou Butterfield served as the faculty sponsors.  The initial programming schedule was 12 hours per week beginning with a live 20 minute newscast at 6:30 each weeknight.  Programming concluded at 8:50 with a short devotional thought presented on a rotating basis by a number of students.  Students also produced five original shows each week, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes each.  Initial news anchors were Doug Hurst, Jeanne Stewart, and John T. Thompson, all who graduated and were offered employment in the news business.  In 1989 the signal moved to Channel 19 on the cable system and in the mid-1990s the signal moved again to Channel 16 where it resides today.  In recent years we expanded our signal beyond the cable system to reach a world-wide audience through Internet streaming.  Our current broadcast schedule includes a weekday live newscast, "Live at Five", produced entirely by students each semester; Harding University's weekday chapel live from the Benson Auditorium; live and recorded Harding University and Harding Academy athletic events; and a number of original programs and vignettes produced by Harding students.  Numerous graduates from our program have gone on to land jobs in the industry, some of them award-winning leaders in the field.  Contact Dr. Dutch Hoggatt.


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Youth Corps
The objective of Youth Corps is to provide and to cultivate an on campus organization for the purpose of equipping individuals to minister to the needs of young people. Youth ministry majors and minors are invited to become part of this ministry, but anyone interested in youth ministry is welcomed as a team member. Contact Dr. Scott Adair or Dr. Dan Stockstill.


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