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Where do I log into CoursEval?

Faculty and students may login here.

What is my username?

Your username is simple!  Just use your Harding University username.  The same one you use for pipeline, your email, and other Harding logins.

What is my password?

If you have used the CoursEval software in the past, your password should still be what you set it to when you first logged in.

     • If you have not used CoursEval before, or have lost your password, click here and enter your Harding email address to have your password sent to you.

Who looks at the evaluations? Will my teacher see what I wrote about them before I get my grades?

Every year the department heads review each teacher evaluation to look for any problems that may have arisen. Teachers are not allowed access to their evaluations until your grades have been released. Your comments and ratings will also remain anonymous so that you are protected from any unfair treatment.

When do evaluations begin for my class? I have not received any notification to evaluate my class

Classes are usually evaluated in the last week of the class, before finals begin.  The only exceptions are classes with less than 4 students, labs, and classes with guest lectures. 

How can students find Open or Missed Evaluations?
  1. Log in to Pipeline
  2. Please note: Evaluations cannot be re-opened once grades have posted for the course
  3. Click on Student tab
  4. On left, in the Student Resource box click on Teacher Evaluations
  5. On the CoursEval homepage, run mouse on the gear shift in the upper right corner
  6. Click on the 3rd link "Missed Evaluations"
  7. Students will be able to view any missed or current evaluations from the previous semester