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This Property is Condemned 

The story of a young girl and boy whose innocence and naivety in the midst of a dark and difficult economy emphasize their dreary circumstances while simultaneously providing hope for a better tomorrow.


Down Came the Rain

Down Came The Rain is a story about two brothers, one the caretaker and one disabled, who journey deep into their dysfunctional relationship while on a camping trip in the woods.


Wrong Numbers

Deception is best detected by those who are good at deception.


The Beggar and the King

As a beggar cries loudly for bread outside the king's palace, the king consults with his servant on how to properly punish the beggar. 


The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet 

A retelling of Romeo and Juliet as it would be told by Dr. Suess


Here Comes the Bride…And There Goes the Groom 

Hilarious conversations ensue when a bride is left at the alter, then bursts into her dressing room and is followed by her bridesmaids, mother, grandmother... and the sister and mother of the groom.


Relative Strangers

A young airline passenger discovers that the woman who happened to be seated by her side might just be the mother figure she never had; along with the help of a noisy flight attendant, she sets out to make a connection.



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