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  Listening to our Millenial Kids



Faith and Spirituality

The survey explored faith and spirituality of the Millennial Generation. More than 90% of the respondents indicated a committed faith. Those surveyed profess a strong faith, believe that faith provides a purpose for their lives, and think that God is with them no matter what happens (only 10% of the youth responding think differently). Additionally, teens pledge to hold their Christian convictions even when their peer group opposes them. These Millennials are also extremely confident in their spirituality. For example, 9 in 10 report that they think about God and spiritual concerns each day. Likewise, the teens think of their faith as maturing. The good news from this survey is that this generation is genuinely seeking God and feel that they are making progress in their search.


Over 90% of these Millennial kids construct their identity based on their relationships with God. This is encouraging news for parents and ministers who are providing these Millennials with ministry opportunities that stress relationship development and connectedness to Christ and the Church. The study also establishes proof concerning the optimism of this generation. These students report their relationship with God is overwhelmingly alive and growing (95%). This finding is a healthy indicator that Congregations, parents and ministers must continue to encourage.


In the area of learning, one half of the males (49.7%) indicated that movies had a significant role in their spiritual development while females reported at a rate of 11% lower. Three fourths of females and males indicated a preference for encountering multimedia experiences to build their spiritual development. The power of media and multimedia with this generation seems not only expected but is also considered their standard for education.


Fully two thirds of the students surveyed accept the internet as a primary way to gain knowledge and learn. Males surveyed are slightly more invested in technology and internet usage, chatrooms, instant messengers, Dot Me, and a host of other emerging technologies, as a significant means of learning. Seventy-five percent of both genders think technology should have an important role in teaching the Bible. Due to their involvement and embracing of technologies, the Millennial Kids are in the best position to help the older generations understand and utilize the opportunity for spreading the Word through emerging technologies.