Spiritual Vision

In 1924, Harding University was founded on spiritual convictions that remain the core of our Christian identity. The character, example and concerns of Jesus Christ are the bedrock standards that shape us.

We hold the Bible to be “God breathed” and central to spiritual formation in the lives of everyone at Harding. Required chapel and Bible class attendance emphasize Scripture as the basis of our teachings and our lives.

The Christian worldview stands at the heart of all academic disciplines and extracurricular activities on campus. Every professor, coach and administrator is commissioned to speak as a man or woman of God. They are to confess, both in words and actions, that God created the world, that He redeems us through the blood of His Son, Jesus, that He fills His children with His Holy Spirit and that He calls us to be holy as He is holy.

We believe that salvation is found only in Jesus Christ and that Christians are to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Grace and truth were perfectly blended in Jesus. He spoke truth but always in a gracious way. He extended His hand in grace, but never betrayed the truth in doing so. We are determined to imitate His example by being a people who are “full of grace and truth,” sacrificing neither in the pursuit of both.

Because “God shows no partiality,” Harding University is committed to welcoming, accepting, respecting and loving students of every race and nationality. We stand opposed to racism in all of its insidious forms, and we require that everyone who walks on our campus be treated with the dignity and value that everyone deserves by virtue of being an image bearer of God.

Harding has always been deeply connected to churches of Christ. Though we live in a time of significant differences among our convictions, we are determined that Harding University will become captive to neither a rigid legalism on the right nor a formless liberalism on the left. “With gentleness and respect,” we hold to such distinctive practices as the teaching of baptism for the remission of sins and a cappella music and male spiritual leadership in public worship.

While we maintain our close ties with churches of Christ, Harding opens her arms to all. We welcome those who do not share our convictions, as we work tirelessly to offer an exemplary liberal arts education in an environment of kindness, fairness, respect and love.