Athletic Training

Academic Program

The Athletic Training Education Program is a Bachelor of Science degree requiring 128 credit hours. It is possible to declare a double major and/or complete prerequisite coursework for a professional graduate school, but it may require the ATS to take summer courses or remain enrolled in the University for at least an additional semester.

Course Listing

Academic requirements associated with the athletic training major:

# EXSS 252

Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries

3 hours

# EXSS 253

Clinical Practicum I (General Medical)

1 hour
# EXSS 254

Assessment of Human Performance

3 hours
# EXSS 255

Medical Conditions & Disabilities

2 hours
# EXSS 260

Training & Conditioning Athletes

2 hours
# EXSS 261

Theory & Psychology of Coaching

2 hours
# EXSS 301


3 hours
# EXSS 314

Exercise Pharmacology

3 hours
# EXSS 351

Assessment of Lower Extremities

3 hours
   EXSS 352

Clinical Practicum II

1 hour
# EXSS 353

Assessment of Upper Extremities

3 hours
# EXSS 354

Clinical Practicum III

1 hour
# EXSS 408


3 hours
# EXSS 409

Exercise Effects & Prescription for Various Populations

3 hours
   EXSS 411

Physiology of Exercise

3 hours
# EXSS 417

Therapeutic Modalities

3 hours
# EXSS 418

Clinical Practicum IV

1 hour
# EXSS 419

Therapeutic Exercise

3 hours
   EXSS 420

Clinical Practicum V

1 hour
# EXSS 421

Clinical Practicum VI - Senior Experience

1 hour

From Other Departments

# KINS 101


2 hours
   HED 203

Health & Safety

3 hours
# KINS 214

Lifeguard Training (CPR/AED)

1 hour
# PSYC 201

General Psychology

3 hours
   CHEM 114

General Chemistry

4 hours
   CHEM 215

Bio & Organic Chemistry

3 hours
# BIOL 249

Anatomy & Physiology I

4 hours
   BIOL 253

Anatomy & Physiology II

4 hours
# FCS 331


3 hours


#  Denotes courses that contain athletic training knowledge, skills, and abilities

Sample Schedule

Freshman Semester I
CHEM 114College Chemistry
KINS 101Wellness
PSYC 201General Psychology
Freshman Semester II
CHEM 215Bio & Organic Chemistry
EXSS 255Medical Conditions & Disabilities
EXSS 254Assessment of Human Performance
KINS 214Lifeguard Training (CPR/AED)
Sophomore Semester I
EXSS 252Care & Prevention of Athletic Injures
EXSS 253Clinical Practicum I
EXSS 260Training & Conditioning of Athletes
EXSS 261Theory & Psychology of Coaching
BIOL 249Anatomy & Physiology
Sophomore Semester II
EXSS 353Assessment of Upper Extremities
EXSS 354Clinical Practicum III
BIOL 253Anatomy & Physiology II
HED 203Health & Safety
FCS 331Nutrition
Junior Semester I
EXSS 351Assessment of Lower Extremities
EXSS 352Clinical Practicum II
EXSS 301Biomechanics
Junior Semester II
EXSS 417Therapeutic Modalities
EXSS 418Clinical Practicum IV
EXSS 411Physiology or Exercise
EXSS 314Exercise Pharmacology
Senior Semester I
EXSS 419Therapeutic Rehabilitation
EXSS 420Clinical Practicum V
Senior Semester II
EXSS 421Clinical Practicum VI
EXSS 409Exercise Effects and Prescription
EXSS 408 Administration


The schedule above represents only the required courses for the athletic training major. Please refer to the Harding University Student Catalog for a complete list of General Education and Bible requirements. See the catalog

Course Descriptions
To view a description for each of the above courses, please refer to the Harding University Student Catalog. See the catalog