The Athletic Training Education Program is a part of the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences.  This department along with the Department of Kinesiology and Harding Athletics share facilities in the Ganus Activities Complex.  This facility includes modern classrooms, a computer lab, the Human Performance Lab, a work-out center with weight rooms, a swimming pool, racquet ball courts, free play gym, golf center, aerobics room, and sports locker rooms/meeting rooms.

The Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory is a 1500 square foot testing facility located on the south side of the Ganus Activities Complex. Used for both teaching and research purposes, the central testing area has treadmills, electronically and mechanically braked ergometers, a metabolic cart, and 12-lead ECGs, as well as heart rate and both beat-by-beat and standard blood pressure monitors and various other equipment. The body composition room has a computerized hydrostatic weighing system as well as bioelectrical impedance devices and skinfold calipers. The hematology room is equipped to measure blood lipids as well as blood lactate levels. Additionally the lab has an environmental chamber as well as a data entry/analysis room.