Physical Therapy


FALL: SEMESTER  1  - 18 hours

DPT8141Human Pathophysiology4 hrs
DPT8142Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics4 hrs
DPT8151Human Gross Anatomy5 hrs
DPT8152Foundational Clinical Skills5 hrs

SPRING: SEMESTER 2  - 17 hours

DPT8211Clinical Reasoning 11 hr 
DPT8222Physical Agents and Modalities2 hrs
DPT8223Evidenced Based PT Practice 12 hrs
DPT8225Pharmacology2 hrs
DPT8231Gen Medical and Post Surgical PT3 hrs
DPT8241Physiology of Therapeutic Exercise4 hrs
DPT8431Neuroscience3 hrs

SUMMER: SEMESTER 3 - 12 hours

DPT8311Therapeutic Exercise 21 hr 
DPT8312Clinical Education & Communication1 hr
DPT8321Clinical Reasoning 22 hrs
DPT8324Ethics and Professional Development2 hrs
DPT8331Motor Behavior3 hrs
DPT8332Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Practice 13 hrs

FALL: SEMESTER  4 - 13 hours

DPT8232Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Practice3 hrs
DPT8411Medical Missions 11 hr
DPT8422Human Lifespan Development2 hrs
DPT8434Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Practice 23 hrs
DPT8441Clinical Internship I4 hrs

SPRING: SEMESTER  5 - 18 hours

DPT8511Evidenced Based PT Practice 2              1 hr
DPT8532Healthcare Business3 hrs
DPT8551Pediatric PT Practice5 hrs
DPT8552Adult Neurological PT Practice5 hrs
DPT8612Medical Missions 21 hr
DPT8631Diagnostic Imaging3 hrs

SUMMER: SEMESTER  6 - 11 hours

DPT8521Clinical Reasoning 32 hrs
DPT8531Orthotics & Prosthetics3 hrs
DPT8611Evidenced Based Physical Therapy 31 hr
DPT8621Health Wellness Promotion2 hrs
DPT8632Screening and Differential Diagnosis3 hrs

FALL: SEMESTER  7 - 11 hours

DPT8711Licensure Preparation and Review 11 hr
DPT8721Medical Missions Practicum2 hrs
DPT8741Clinical Internship 2 (8 weeks)4 hrs
DPT8742Clinical Internship 3 (8 weeks)4 hrs

SPRING: SEMESTER 8 - 10 hours

DPT8821Licensure Preparation and Review 22 hrs
DPT8841Clinical Internship 4 (8 weeks)4 hrs
DPT8842Clinical Internship 5 (8 weeks)4 hrs


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