Physician Assistant Program

Program Outcomes

PANCE Results

Here are the NCCPA first time pass rates on the PANCE (pdf) for the last five years.

NCCPA PANCE Exam Performance Summary Report Last 5 Years Report pdf

Program Outcomes

The Harding University Physician Assistant Program seeks to develop Physician Assistants graduates who practice and live within a framework of a dependence upon their God and faith. The ability to measure that dependence is difficult quantitatively, but is more reflective in who they are as PAs and how they serve their patients and those around them. We continue to refine this measurement tool.

To measure the Program goals, alumni were surveyed. The results of the most recent survey are as follows:

  1. Instruct physician assistants who will provide primary care reflective of their Christian faith and service to their community and to the world.
    • 50% of respondents indicated working in a Primary care specialty (included in that were Family practice, Internal medicine, Pediatrics, and Urgent care).
    • 38% of respondents indicated having practices located in inner cities, rural communities or small towns.
  2. Develop practice oriented critical thinking which recognizes dependence on God, is committed to lifelong intellectual excellence, and is built upon a foundation of general cultural knowledge.
    • 92.7% of respondents maintain BLS certification
    • 74.5% of respondents maintain ACLS certification
    • 54% of respondents maintain NCCPA certification
    • 23.6% of respondents listed PALS certification
    • 12.7% of respondents listed ATLS certification  
    • 1.8% of respondents listed NALS certification
  3. Promote supportive personal and professional relationships.
    • 100% of respondents identified as members of AAPA
  4. Nurture lifelong personal habits that lead to a healthier quality of life physically, spiritually, psychologically and socially.
    • 90.5% of respondents acknowledged prayer
    • 83.0% of respondents acknowledged outdoor activities
    • 81.1% of respondents acknowledged exercising
    • 64.15% of respondents acknowledged Bible study
    • 13.2% of respondents acknowledged meditating
  5. Emphasize a servant-leadership which prepares graduates to have a respect for other cultures and an understanding of world missions.
    • 80% of respondents acknowledged leadership in church activities
    • 34.2% or respondents acknowledged direct involvements in missions
    • 20% of respondents  acknowledged leadership in community organizations 

Program Performance

Students accepted into program since inception in 2005 as of Fall 2020:  533

Overall Attrition Rate:  2.81%

Attrition Rate Chart pdf

Graduates (as of December 2020):  446 

Graduation Rate (as of December 2020):  96.7%

Job placement:  Graduating Class of 2018

Six months post-graduation 97% are employed as PAs of those who are board certified. 

NCCPA Recently Certified PA Grad Survey Results pdf 

The Program does not "place" graduates in a job. Graduates are free to accept a position in a specialty of their choice (although we hope in primary care) and in any area of the country. Some have job offers prior to graduation. Some wait until after they take the PANCE (and take a vacation, have their wedding or delivery a baby) to start job hunting. We provide our students with many job opportunities not only through their clinical rotations, but also through job postings sent directly to the Program and passed on to our students.

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