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Our Mission

The College of Arts & Humanities has been part of the Harding story since the beginning in 1924. We continue the same mission today of training, nurturing and graduating students who are agile, decisive thinkers skilled in evaluation, reflection and problem-solving. At the heart of the University, we embrace both the mission of Harding and its traditions. Each of our students is exposed to the skills and dispositions that spark creative expression.

We are the Humanities

We animate innermost thoughts and bring the impossible to life. We connect the world with the individual and declare who we are or might become. We explore cultures through stories and song and express through many native tongues. We illustrate ideas and concepts. We intone thoughts. We recount noble adventures and far-fetched dreams. We spark notions and visions and write the text of life, and we give voice to the heart. We are the humanities.

Art & Design

Join talented students from all over the world in an environment that thrives on creativity. Our students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to become professional artists or designers. We offer majors that focus on painting, three-dimensional work, graphic design, architecture, interior design, and art education. You also have the flexibility to build a portfolio that targets many other niches, such as art therapy, illustration, art history, printmaking and photography.


We prepare students for a lifetime of storytelling. With academic programs in advertising, communication studies, film production, integrated marketing communication, media production, multimedia journalism and public relations, we can help you find your story.

English Language & Literature

We help all students develop critical thinking skills and gain proficiency in expository and persuasive writing. We help prepare English majors for their professions, whether for teaching, graduate study, or a variety of other fields. We model and mentor Christian scholarship.

Foreign Language & International Studies

Our mission is to equip language learners for service in both local and global communities through the development of intercultural competence and effective communication in one or more world languages.

History & Political Science

Our mission is to provide a quality, Christ-honoring instruction in the study of the past, politics, and public life that enables students to perceive the meaning, and determine the context, of societal issues.

Medical Humanities

This growing interdisciplinary field brings the perspectives of the humanities, arts and social sciences to the study and practice of health care. The College of Arts and Humanities and College of Sciences have partnered to provide students opportunities to pursue diverse paths.


We strives for excellence in all areas of performance and education. You will study with excellent faculty members, have opportunities to travel in the United States and abroad, and work with other talented students who will become friends for a lifetime.


Our goal is to create a collaborative community on an artistic mission. The art of theatre integrates actor, audience, story and space into an immersive experience. It is a reflection of who we are and what we might become.

Arts & Humanities Administration

J. Warren Casey

J. Warren Casey

Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities

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