Art & Design Department



Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Art & Design is to:

  1. Enrich the artistic understanding of all students;
  2. Develop competent artists, designers, and teachers of art;
  3. Supply the art training required by various disciplines.

Our Story

The Department of Art and Design has ten full-time faculty members and several adjuncts. Eight of the full-time members hold terminal degrees. In addition to this, all faculty members are practicing artists as well. They regularly participate in juried shows in national, regional and state organizations.

The department's two degree programs, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), incorporate more than 60 art courses and four majors, as well as teacher licensure. Areas of interest include art education, graphic design, interior design, painting and 3D design. The department has approximately 200 majors and serves the entire student body through art coursework included in Harding's required liberal arts curriculum.

The Mildred Taylor Stevens Art Center is centrally located on campus and houses gallery spaces, a computer lab, two graphic design studios, two painting studios, pottery and printmaking studios, drawing and two dimensional design studios, a woodworking and metal shop and ten faculty studios. Our space needs have grown such that in January 2014 our interior design program moved next door to the newly renovated third floor of the Olen Hendrix building. The interior design seniors have their studio on the south end of the first floor of Olen Hendrix.

The galleries serve as the centerpiece of the department. Displaying student and faculty work, touring exhibits and the university's permanent art collection, the format of the galleries is consistent with that in many major metropolitan areas. The center has allowed the art and design department to remain competitive, attracting majors form across the country and around the world.