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About the program

Harding's art education program is designed to prepare art teachers for licensing to teach P-12. The program is based on a 36-hour art core composed of art studio, art history, art education and visual aesthetics courses. We are committed to a strong foundation in design plus elective courses in a variety of media to prepare strong art teachers.

There a several paths a student might choose in order to get to liscensure. We encourage you to visit with John Keller, Ph.D. for more information on the best course of action.

Academic advising is a crucial part of getting the most from your time as an art education major at Harding. Plan to schedule an appointment with one of the art education advisers two-weeks prior to registration week in both fall and spring semesters. Make sure you check for holds on your accounts that might delay your registering for classes. Registering as early as your classification allows ensures that you get the best schedule. Classes fill up fast–register quickly. You will most likely need to rearrange courses due to closed classes along the way.

Retention, Graduation and Job Placements

Our graduates are successfully teaching in schools all across Arkansas and many other states.


Dr. John Keller, Ph.D. - Department Chair, Professor of Art

Beverly Austin, M.A. - Assistant Professor of Art