English Language & Literature

Faculty & Staff

Terry Engel

Department Chair

Terry Engel, Ph.D.

Univ. of Southern Mississippi - at Harding since 2001
Email: tengel@harding.edu
American Studies 301

About Dr. Engel

Dr. Engel's special interests are creative writing, business and professional writing, and Southwestern literature. He also teaches general education courses and sponsors The Scribblers, our creative writing club.

Paulette Bane

Paulette Guerin Bane, M.F.A.

Florida University - at Harding since 2016
Email: pbane@harding.edu
American Studies 319

About Mrs. Bane

Paulette Bane teaches variety of writing and literature courses. Special areas of interest include poetry, drama, and poetry writing, as well as Italian, Irish, Native American, and Latinx literature. Her poetry has appeared in ep;iphanyConcho River ReviewThe Tishman Review, Contemporary Verse 2, and others (under the name Paulette Guerin). She also has a chapbook, Polishing Silver.

Nick Boone, Ph.D.

Auburn University - at Harding since 2007
Email: nboone@harding.edu
American Studies 310

About Dr. Boone

Dr. Boone teaches general education and American literature courses. His specialty is American poetry. His publications include articles on Poe, Hawthorne,Twain, Rita Dove, and Mark Strand. Dr. Boone is a co-sponsor of Souvenirs.

Priscilla (Ann) Brown, Ph.D.

Howard University - at Harding since 2017
Email: pabrown@harding.edu
American Studies 306

About Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown serves as the interim Director of the McNair Program and Advisor to students applying for The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program. She also teaches several writing and literature courses in the English Department.

Heath Carpenter

Heath Carpenter, Ph.D.

Arkansas State University - at Harding since 2008
Email: hcarpent@harding.edu
American Studies 306

About Dr. Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter's Ph.D. work focuses on contemporary Southern identity and culture.  He teaches courses in Southern Literature and Culture, Film as Literature, and William Faulkner, along with World Lit and composition and critical thinking.  

Dr. Carpenter has co-authored a book on mentorship and community activism with former Super Bowl Champion Keith Jackson. More recently, his monograph The Philosopher King: T Bone Burnett and the Ethic of a Southern Cultural Renaissance was published by the University of Georgia Press as part of its Music of the American South Series. Dr. Carpenter is the faculty sponsor of the Harding chapter of the Roosevelt Institute and also serves as a consultant with Governor Asa Hutchinson's Restore Hope Arkansas program. 
Michael Claxton

Michael Claxton, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - at Harding since 2003
Email: mclaxto1@harding.edu
American Studies 303

About Dr. Claxton

Dr. Claxton specializes in Victorian literature. He teaches composition, world literature, and British literature courses. He also co-sponsors Souvenirs and Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society.

Dr. Claxton contributes a regular column, "Just the Clax," for The Bison, the campus newspaper. In addition, Dr. Claxton has recently published a biography on Dell O'Dell, entitled Don't Fool Yourself: The Magical Life of Dell O'Dell, which was published by Squash Publishing in 2014.



Kathy Dillion

Kathy Dillion, Ph.D.

Arkansas State University - at Harding since 1995
Email: kdillion@harding.edu
American Studies 315

About Dr. Dillion

Dr. Dillion teaches all levels of the general education English curriculum and supervises English teacher-education students. Her interests are cultural studies, particularly ethnic and post-colonial literature. Dr. Dillion also co-sponsors Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society.

Nathan Henton

Nathan Henton, Ph.D.

University of Memphis - at Harding since 2010
Email: nhenton@harding.edu
American Studies 305

About Dr. Henton

Dr. Henton completed his doctoral studies at the University of Memphis in 2019. His research is situated in Writing Studies. At Harding, he teaches writing courses in the liberal arts core, Advanced Composition, and Foundations of English Grammar; he also serves as Director of the Writing Center. Other interests include first-year writing pedagogy, writing assessment, writing program assessment, and linguistics.

Larry Hunt

Larry Hunt, Ph.D.

University of Georgia - at Harding since 2000
Email: lhunt@harding.edu
American Studies 317

About Dr. Hunt

Dr. Hunt 's specialty is medieval literature, and his current teaching assignment includes courses in the Liberal Arts core as well as the Honors College, the nature and history of language, Old and Middle English Literature, and C. S. Lewis. He is a sponsor of the student organization Kolbitar (Coal-biters), a club inspired by the writings of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien that meets biweekly to discuss mythological and Germanic literature.

Ken Hammes

Russell L. Keck, Ph.D.

Purdue University - at Harding since 2014
Email: rlkeck@harding.edu
American Studies 318

About Dr. Keck

Dr. Keck specializes in early modern English literature and culture. He is particularly interested in the English Renaissance, Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama, Arthurian Literature, and the History of the Book. He teaches composition, world literature, and Renaissance literature.

Greg Laing

Greg Laing, Ph.D.

Western Michigan University - at Harding since 2010
Email: glaing@harding.edu
American Studies 308

About Dr. Laing

Dr. Laing teaches general education courses in composition and grammar, and specializes in medieval literature and languages. His areas of interest include Old and Middle English, Scandinavian literature, and Latin.

Amy Qualls

Amy Qualls, Ph.D.

Auburn University - at Harding since 2011
Email: aqualls@harding.edu
American Studies 309

About Dr. Qualls

Dr. Qualls's special interests are early American literature and women's literature. She also teaches general writing courses.

Jon Singleton

Jon Singleton, Ph.D.

Syracuse University - at Harding since 2011
Email: jsingleton@harding.edu
American Studies 307

About Dr. Singleton

Dr. Singleton's special interests are Victorian literature and theology. He also teaches general writing courses.