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    Participate in hands-on learning like this augmented reality sandbox

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    Take courses in history, political science, geography, and more.

    Academic Programs
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    Study the structure and operation of domestic political institutions, voting and other forms of political behavior.

    Academic Programs
  • History1

    Part scientist, detective, author and poet; historians search for truth using the records of the past.

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  • History4

    Get involved with student organizations on campus — from pre-law to political science.

  • Harding's history department produces Tenor of out Times each year.

    Write for Tenor of Our Times — a student publication designed to encourage understanding of the past and present.

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  • ExperienceTour

    Discover unique learning experiences outside the classroom — like the American Experience Tour.

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Through our department, you can gain access to the human experience and discover the forces that affect our way of living. Take on relevant skills and an enhanced capacity for informed citizenship, critical thinking and awareness.

Whenever you are on campus, please accept our invitation to visit our department which is located in Kendall Hall. We currently offer academic programs in American studies, history, political science, public administration and social science. We also offer minors in history, political science and social science as well as a pre-law program. We look forward to meeting you and sharing further detailed information about our programs of study and how we can help you attain your educational and career goals.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of History and Political Science is to provide a quality, Christ-honoring instruction in the study of the past, politics, and public life that enables students to perceive the meaning, and determine the context, of societal issues.

Travel and Learn outside the classroom

Are you interested in learning about historical events where they occurred? Many department courses include a trip to immerse students in rich, interactive learning environments. Learn more.

Tenor of Our Times

Tenor of Our Times is an award-winning history journal managed by Harding students. The journal publishes outstanding works of original scholarship by current students and recent alumni. Student editors manage the entire process with faculty assistance, providing valuable experience in editing, advertising, peer review and publication of a print and online journal.

Model United Nations

By simulating the United Nations, students explore a country’s unique history, culture and politics in order to attend conferences where they act as that nation’s diplomatic corps. Students build and showcase skills in collaborative research, written and oral communication, critical thinking and teamwork, which are important skills in educational pursuits and the workplace.

Outstanding Alumni

Department Newsletter

The History & Political Science department publishes the Chronicle, a newsletter summarizing and recording events, department news, student projects, honors society events, graduates and faculty profiles. Stay up to date with the department by reading the 2021 Chronicle newsletter and subscribing to future newsletters. 

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AP/Clep Credit

The Department of History & Political Science grants credit for AP and CLEP examination scores as per the following schedule.  If you need further information on these programs, please contact us.

Advanced Placement Credit

AP CourseAP Examination ScoreHarding CourseCredit Hours
European History4Hist 21103
Government & Politics4Pols 17873
U.S. History4Hist 1010 or 10203


CLEP Subject Examinations

Subject ExaminationCut ScoreCollege CourseCredit Earned
American Government62Pols 17873
History of U.S. I59Hist 10103
History of U.S. II59Hist 10203
Western Civilization I57Hist 21003
Western Civilization II57Hist 21103

Raymond L. Muncy Scholarship

The Raymond L. Muncy Scholarship is a onetime financial award for undergraduate students at Harding University majoring in history who demonstrate exceptional scholarship, research, and Christian character. The Scholarship was created to honor the late Raymond L. Muncy who was Chairman of the Department of History & Social Sciences from 1965 to 1993. His teaching, mentoring, and scholarship modeled the best in Christian education. The award is applied toward tuition and is granted over the span of a single academic year. The award is presented annually at the Department of History & Political Science Banquet.