History & Political Science Department


Phi Alpha Theta
Phi Alpha Theta is an international Honor Society in History and is also a professional society. The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to promote the study of History through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians.
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Pi Sigma Alpha
Pi Sigma Alpha is a national honor society in political science. It is open to junior, senior, and graduate students. Pi Sigma Alpha's main purposes are to bring together students and faculty interested in the study of government and politics, and, to stimulate scholarship and intelligent interest in political science.
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Undergraduate Awards and Recognition

At the conclusion of each school year, the Department of History and Political Science confers an "Outstanding Student Award" to the student from the department who has demonstrated the highest levels of scholarship.  This award is presented in chapel and noted in the Spring Convocation program.

In addition to this award, the members of the History and Political Science Department confer awards to the outstanding student in History (Phi Alpha Theta Award), Political Science (Pi Sigma Alpha Award), Public Administration, and Social Science. Awards for the most recent five years are listed below. 

2017-18 Awards went to:

Outstanding Overall Student: Savannah Wallace
Outstanding History Major (Phi Alpha Theta Award): Samuel Aly
Outstanding Social Science Major: William Sullivan
Outstanding Political Science Major: Anna Lowery
Outstanding Public Administration Major: Justin Manchester
Raymond Muncy Scholars: Ty Galyan and Scott Cravens 

2016-17 Awards went to:

Outstanding Overall Student: Samuel Klein
Outstanding History Major (Phi Alpha Theta Award): Julia Wilcox
Outstanding Social Science Major: Stryder Matthews
Outstanding Political Science Major: Donna Staiger
Outstanding Public Administration Major: Kirk McDaniel
Raymond Muncy Scholars: Samuel Aly and Cort Richardson

2015-16 Awards went to:

Outstanding Overall Student: John Frizzell
Outstanding History Major (Phi Alpha Theta Award): Caroline Reed
Outstanding Social Science Major: Chelseah Alva 
Outstanding Political Science Major: Caroline Pruitt 
Outstanding Public Administration Major: Jessica Fontenot
Raymond Muncy Scholars: Samuel Klein and Julia Farthing

2014-15 Awards went to:

Outstanding Overall Student: Mary Sommers
Outstanding History Major (Phi Alpha Theta Award): Erin Choate
Outstanding Social Science Major: Jacob Hatfield 
Outstanding Political Science Major: Hanna Windley 
Outstanding Public Administration Major: Tyler Sommer
Raymond Muncy Scholars: Joe Gafford and John Frizzell

2013-14 Awards went to:

Outstanding Overall Student: Jake Windley
Outstanding History Major (Phi Alpha Theta Award): Kate Scherer
Outstanding Social Science Major: Blake Muncy
Outstanding Public Administration Major: Chris Safley
Raymond Muncy Scholars: Marcus McCormick and Megan Sherk