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    Criminal Justice

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    Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a fast-growing field of study. Changes in today's world have led to an increased demand for high-quality graduates. We are prepared to provide you with the academic tools necessary for either a successful criminal justice career or the pursuit of a graduate degree.

Our program emphasizes a liberal arts foundation enhanced by the study of a variety of legal aspects of the criminal justice system coupled with Christian ethics. Through an integration of the legal aspects of the criminal justice system and biblical knowledge and values, students will be well equipped to render exceptional service in any area of criminal justice.

Professional opportunities may be found in the areas of law enforcement, investigation, prosecution, criminal defense, protective services, advocacy, probation and parole, human services, research, and more. Courses are designed to explore these diverse areas, giving you a greater knowledge of each.

Our internship program will provide you with a valuable experience by giving you the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge to real-world situations. Internships are available with law enforcement, prosecution, defense, judicial, corrections as well as other criminal justice agencies. Internships are encouraged in the program as the capstone of your education.

For more about the criminal justice program, please see the contact information listed below.

Academic Program

Course Requirements/Descriptions:
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The following is a list of potential career opportunities for individuals who have a degree in Criminal Justice.  This is only a partial list. There are numerous other opportunities available to Criminal Justice majors.

Note 1: Some careers require additional graduate study.

Note 2: Some criminal justice agencies require specific physical qualifications, e.g., height, weigh, vision (corrected vs. non-corrected), etc. The student should check with the specific agency in which she/he is interested in order to determine its specific requirements for employment.

Note 3: The student seeking this degree should be aware that some careers in Criminal Justice may require a criminal background check.

Careers in Law Enforcement

Federal Agencies:

  • Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigations)
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Special Agent
  • Central Intelligence Agency Agent
  • Defense Criminal Investigative Service (Special Agent)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Special Agent
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Federal Police Officer
  • Federal Postal Inspector
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) Investigator
  • Internal Revenue Service Special Agent
  • National Crime Information Center (diverse positions)
  • Naval Crime Scene Investigative Service (Special Agent)
  • United States Border Protection Agent
  • United States Capitol Police Officer
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Special Agent/Refugee Officer)
  • United States Department of State Diplomatic Security (Special Agent)
  • United States Department of the Treasury
  • United States Immigration Inspector
  • United States Import Specialist
  • United States Marshal Service
  • United States National Center Bureau (Interpol Officer)
  • United States Park Police
  • United Sates Postal Service Inspector
  • United States Secret Service Physical Security Specialist
  • United States Secret Service Special Agent
  • United States Secret Service Uniformed Officer
  • United States Transportation Security Administration (Air Marshal)

State Agencies:

  • State Bureau of Investigation and Apprehension
  • State Crime Information Center
  • State Crime Laboratory
  • State Department of Human Rights
  • State Department of Natural Resources
  • State Fire Marshal Division
  • State Highway Patrol
  • State Police

County Agencies:

  • County Sheriff / Deputy Sheriff
  • County Police
  • County Coroner / Medical Examiner

Local Agencies:

  • City / Municipal Police
  • Town Marshal

Careers in the Courts:

  • Judge
  • Bailiff
  • U.S. Attorney (Office of the Attorney General)
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney
  • State Attorney General (State Attorney’s Office)
  • Assistant Attorney General
  • Prosecuting Attorney
  • Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Public Defender (Federal or State)
  • Private Criminal or Civil Attorney
  • Paralegal
  • Law Librarian
  • Court Psychologist
  • Court Administrator
  • Court Clerk
  • Court Interpreter
  • Court Reporter
  • Victim / Witness Service
  • Juvenile Court Intake Officer

Careers in Corrections:

  • Warden
  • Correctional Food Service Coordinator
  • Correctional Officer
  • Guard
  • Parole Officer
  • Physician Assistant/Certified Nurse
  • Probation Officer
  • Psychiatrist/Psychologist
  • Correctional Counselor
  • Correctional Case Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Recreational Specialist

Correctional Agencies:

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • State Department of Corrections
  • County Jails
  • County Juvenile Detention Centers
  • County Probation Offices

Careers in Miscellaneous CJ Areas:

  • Blood Spatter Analyst
  • Campus Law Enforcement
  • Caseworker (Adult or Juvenile)
  • Counselor (Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Child/Spousal Abuse, Family Services)
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Criminologist
  • Crisis Centers
  • Drug Treatment Centers
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Insurance Companies (Fraudulent Claims Investigation)
  • Medicare/Medicaid (Fraudulent Claims Investigation)
  • Private Security Company (Businesses, Airports, Hospitals, Hotels)
  • Research/Data Analyst
  • Worker’s Compensation Commission

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