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Dr. David Donley, principal investigator and lab director

Avian Ecology
Dr. Patrick Ruhl, principal investigator and lab director
The Biology Department maintains a live stream bird feeding station to facilitate "distance" learning and research opportunities for students of all ages.

View livestream bird feeder footage:

If you are interested in using this set up for an academic or educational purpose, please contact Dr. Ruhl ( for more information.

Harding University Spider Science Lab

Dr. Ryan Stork, principal investigator and lab director

Dr. Stork’s Spider Science Lab focuses on describing the behavior and ecology of arthropods. We perform most of our research projects at the Gilliam Biological Research Station in Searcy, AR, which is run and maintained by the Harding University Biology Department. This property has multiple habitats containing numerous invertebrate animals on which we focus our research questions. 

Arthropod descriptive ecology is an excellent area for students who are starting out in Biology research. Students have the opportunity to start on relatively simple observational projects and then work their way up to more involved projects. Through this process, students learn to make broader biological applications of simple observations, build on previous research, design, and run projects, communicate in the scientific community, and, in the process, learn how to participate in the scientific process.

Students working in the Spider Science lab have presented in scientific meetings and published their research in regional and national scientific journals. Students have also received grant funding for projects from funders such as the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium (funded by NASA), Arkansas INBRE (funded by the NIH), the American Arachnological Society, the Plummer Fund, and the Arkansas Academy of Science. We have former researchers who have received Ph.D.s and master’s degrees in Biology nationwide. 

The Spider Science Lab keeps a long list of questions about arthropods that need interested student researchers. No previous research experience is needed. Projects run when the animals of interest are active, meaning some projects run over the summer, while others run during the school year. We welcome anyone interested, motivated, and willing to work with bugs. Contact Dr. Ryan Stork for more information.  

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