Health Science Club
The purpose of the Health Science Club is to provide information and opportunities to students interested in a health science career. Any student interested in a health science career may sign up.
Contact Debbie Duke - - Box 10764

Pre-Occupational Therapy Club (Pre-OT Club)
The purpose of the Pre-Occupational Therapy Club (Pre-OT Club) is to provide awareness of the current occupational therapy profession, graduate schools with accredited programs, provide a support network for Pre-OT students, as well as volunteer and community service opportunities.
Contact Tia Stone - - Box 12274

Pre-Pharmacy Club, Harding University
The purpose of the Harding University Pre-Pharmacy Club is to foster a better understanding of pharmacy as a career, better prepare currently enrolled Harding University pre-pharmacy students for admission to Colleges of Pharmacy, to help provide experiences and knowledge that result in more competitive pharmacy school applications, give real-world experience in the "word of pharmacy", provide pre-pharmacy-related leadership opportunities, and sponsor pharmacy-related programs.
Contact Melissa Shipp - - Box 12230
Cindy White - - Box 12272

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