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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for mathematicians is expected to grow by 23 percent over the next decade — due in part to the increasing demand for people who can analyze big data as well as the importance placed on technology. Many employers seek out the skills obtained in a mathematics degree since those majors have the necessary skills to develop and maintain the technology needed in our society. The mission of the department of mathematics is to prepare students for careers in the field of mathematics in addition to preparing students to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics by providing opportunities to learn, use, prove and apply the fundamental concepts of mathematics.

The mission of the mathematics department is to:

  1. Provide cultural training in mathematics
  2. Prepare teachers of secondary school mathematics
  3. Provide the basic training in mathematics needed by preprofessional students and students of science
  4. Lay a broad foundation for students majoring in mathematics

Students have the opportunity to participate in math competitions such as the MAA Regional Math Contest and Arkansas Undergraduate Math Contest. They also take part in other contests like Team Jeopardy and Integration Bees. At these various events, students are able to present their research and prepare for their capstone projects.

Mathematics seminar allows for the University mathematics community to meet and learn together once a week. Students present their capstone seminar research to fellow students as well as hear from guest speakers.

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Academic Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts: Math Major (Non-Teacher)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Math Major (Teacher)
  • Bachelor of Science: Math Major (Non-Teacher)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Data Science
  • Bachelor of Science: Data Science

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