Center for Family Ministry

Harding's Center for Family Ministries exists to make connections. We connect churches with students who are interested in serving families in a congregational setting. Many churches from all over the U.S. are seeking to hire Harding students and graduates to serve as summer interns, and full-time ministers to adolescents, children, college students and more. The Center for Family Ministries facilitates this connection by hosting church visits, coordinating intern fairs, and taking students to the National Conference on Youth Ministry.


B.A. in Bible & Family Ministry-This degree prepares our graduates to work in youth and family ministry. The degree gives students a solid foundation in liberal arts, Bible, theology, history, philosophy, and biblical languages as well as adolescent development, congregational ministry, spiritual formation, family systems, and skills specific to youth ministry, campus ministry, women's ministry, and children's ministry.


* Bible & Family Ministry
* Youth Ministry
* Women's Ministry
* Children's Ministry

Why Harding?

At Harding we believe what you learn, who you learn from, and who you learn with are vitally important. Our Christian faculty and high-quality degree programs equip graduates with an exceptional education and a Christ-centered worldview. When looking for a place to learn, to grow academically and spiritually, and to find your calling, you want to find a place where you belong. You belong at Harding.

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Center for Family Ministry is a part of the College of Bible & Ministry