College of Bible & Ministry
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    Mitchell Center

    Find opportunities to lead on campus.

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    Mitchell Center

    Serve a domestic or international community in need through Spring Break Missions.

    Spring Break Missions
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    Mitchell Center

    Mentor high school students through the annual summer Bible camp Uplift.

Mitchell Center for Leadership & Ministry

Welcome to Harding University’s Mitchell Center for Leadership and Ministry. Our mission is to help every student in every major. We strive to prepare and equip students with appropriate knowledge and skills to be servants in their fields. Part of Harding’s mission includes the encouragement of a servant-leadership lifestyle, and our goal is to help students find their strengths and become valuable members of society across all majors and fields of expertise as they lead, learn and love with the gifts they’ve been given. Additionally, through Uplift, Spring Break Missions and HU Service Central app, the Mitchell Center prepares and equips students to make an eternal difference.


B.A. in leadership and ministry (Second major only) : Larger than a minor but smaller than a formal major, the leadership and ministry program is built to complement a student’s first major and be feasibly completed in a traditional four-year plan. The intent is to fill students’ tool belts with what they need to meet and solve everyday challenges in their chosen professions. It is our goal to give students exposure to and confidence in starting conversations with others about the difficult questions in life.

Careers: A second major in leadership and ministry allows graduates to pursue careers in any field for the sake of kingdom growth. It also equips them to serve the church as teachers, deacons, ministry supporters, and Bible study leaders.

Requirements: Leadership and ministry second major

  • Liberal Arts: 45 hours
  • Major: 33 hours
  • Electives: Varies based on requirements in primary major

Director: Andrew Baker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Special Opportunities

Seminars: Over the course of the year, we offer several seminars for one hour of credit. While some seminars are offered in the traditional classroom setting, often these courses take a nontraditional shape—over a Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or in conjunction with another event happening on campus. Topics vary each semester, but in the past have included connecting with young people in a digital world, justice and mercy in a broken world, the power of forgiveness, STORY University and more.

Internships: We believe a social impact internship provides an experiential learning opportunity that will enhance a student’s skills and confidence upon entering the workforce. Because of the nature of the leadership and ministry program, internships take a different shape in order to allow students to use skills from their first major in their internship.

Spring Break Missions: Each year, approximately 300 students disperse to both domestic and international locations to serve God’s people during Harding’s spring break. The Mitchell Center is responsible for managing all details for the trips—some of which include interviewing and hiring all trip leaders, developing and organizing all necessary forms and travel plans, and ensuring that all students stay safe traveling and during their trips. SBM is a great way for students at Harding to contribute to kingdom expansion by sharing the love of Christ.

Uplift hosts more than 1,500 seventh- through 12th-grade students on campus over a course of three sessions in June. Over the course of five days, campers experience classes, drama, entertainment, and worship all centered around a yearly theme. Visit for more information about the camp and how to get involved.

HU Service Central app creates a place for students to find and track service opportunities in and around the Searcy community. Whether there are special events such as Bisons for Christ or it is just your average week in the semester, the app lists current service opportunities at Harding and in our surrounding community.