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  • This is a photo taken in the preaching studio at Harding University.

    Center for Preaching

  • This is a photo taken in the preaching studio at Harding University.

    Center for Preaching

Located in the McInteer Bible and World Missions building, the Center for Preaching exists to inspire and equip the next generation of Christian preachers as well as to offer resources and encouragement to those already in the field. The center is directed by Dr. Devin Swindle, associate professor of Bible and preaching.

“Our passion in the Center for Preaching is not just to continue a legacy, but to build it into the future by calling and equipping God's servants for the ministry of his Word.” —Dr. Devin Swindle


B.A. in Bible and preaching: This degree prepares students to preach in a congregational setting through 69 credit hours of core classes, 42 credit hours of liberal arts and 17 credit hours of electives.

Learning opportunities outside the classroom

Preaching students deliver sermons in the Robert K. Oglesby Preaching Studio, a state-of-the-art facility in the McInteer where student sermons can be recorded and shared digitally for review and critique.

The Neller Workshop is a daylong intensive seminar for preachers. Attendees receive instruction in the Biblical text, and insights for revitalizing their preaching. The workshop is held in conjunction with the Harding University Lectureship each fall.

Kerusso Experience


KERUSSO IN QUARANTINE . . . Kerusso students and friends, because of the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will not host an in-person Kerusso Experience in 2020. However, we want to help you continue to grow in your ministry. From June 8 through July 29 we will be posting two short videos each day on all of our social media accounts. The videos will feature Kerusso counselors and Harding University professors, and will offer insights on sermon development and delivery and the text of Philippians. For those of you who desire a deeper experience with us, you may register at, and you will be assigned a sermon mentor who will help you write a sermon on a text in Philippians. Those who stick with us to the end will receive a t-shirt, a face mask, and a commentary. There is no charge for this year's event. Again, we are so sorry that we cannot meet in person, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Feel free to share this far and wide!

Kerusso is typically a week-long preacher training camp for ninth to twelfth grade boys. Students spend the week on Harding's campus learning Bible study methods and sermon preparation and delivery from faculty, students, and friends. More importantly, perhaps, is that they learn that they, too, can serve the LORD in a lifetime of ministry.

The eighth annual Kerusso Experience (in quarantine) is set for June 8 - July 29, 2020. This year's theme is "The Mind of Christ: Preaching Philippians." In addition to the textual study, beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in preaching will be offered. Even if your student attended in previous years he will find new information and insights this year. APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR KERUSSO IS JUNE 1ST.

Please prayerfully consider any young men from your congregation whom you feel may benefit from this type of instruction and inspiration, and offer to connect them to Kerusso. The usual fee is $200 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, there is no charge. Applications and contact information are all available on this page. Also, be sure to look up last year's Kerusso Experience on Facebook to see pictures and videos from the week. Feel free to call or e-mail any of us with any questions that you might have, and to pass on this information to any who might be interested.

We seek nothing more than to serve the LORD and his church through this endeavor. We solicit your prayers and your partnership as we seek to raise up a new generation of kingdom servants.

If you wish to make a financial donation, you may do so through Harding University's Lectureship office:

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