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Please note the changes made in administration of the Center for Advanced Ministry Training, CAMT.


July 27, 2017

The College of Bible and Ministry is making administrative changes to its Bachelor of Ministry and Master of Ministry programs. Students seeking a Master of Ministry Degree should contact the Harding School of Theology for a comparable program.

The Bachelor of Ministry degree program trains non-traditional students (24 years of age and older), most of whom are making career changes from a “secular” vocation to full-time ministry. For the last several years, our Bachelor of Ministry students have been in the same classes with our other undergraduate Bible majors. Their primary “cohort” experience is the daily CAMT chapel that the Bachelor of Ministry students lead. That chapel will continue. Beginning in Fall 2017, the Center for Advanced Ministry Training will be absorbed by the Center for Preaching. The services provided by the CAMT office—including recruiting, academic advising and mentoring—will now be shared by the entire undergraduate faculty of the College of Bible and Ministry.

We are pleased that since 1974 more than 500 non-traditional students have earned bachelor’s degrees through what was first called the Christian Communication Program, then Harding School of Biblical Studies, and most recently the Center for Advanced Ministry Training. We can tell story after story about how these fine men and women are serving in God’s kingdom today. Our commitment to offering this preparation to this group of students continues. The former CAMT staff has been reassigned within the College of Bible and Ministry. Director Bill Richardson will return to the classroom full time in the Fall of 2017. Gary Gregg has become a full-time recruiter for COBAM, and Toni Rea is now the Administrative Assistant for the Centers for Preaching and Distance Education.

Bachelor of Ministry (BMIN)

If you are interested in an intensive 128-hour degree program designed to equip mature men and women to teach, minister, work in missions and preach, please continue reading. 

The College of Bible and Ministry grants up to 12 full-tuition scholarships each year for students accepted into the Bachelor of Ministry Degree program. The program is designed to be accelerated - most students can complete the course work and training in 2 or 3 years by taking courses in fall, spring and summer sessions.


Elements of the BMIN program:

  • 128-hour bachelor degree
  • In-residence only
  • Full-tuition scholarships available
  • Students are responsible for living expenses, university fees, and books
  • Up to 40 hours of transferable Bible credits from other institutions

Minimum Requirements for Admission to BMIN program

Prospective students must:

  • be at least 24 years of age.
  • have demonstrated a heart for ministry
  • have solid religious and character references
  • be admitted to Harding University
  • be a faithful member of the church of Christ

Our Students

Bachelor of Ministry Students


Tau II Class: Fall 2016

Maikon Borba

Coming to the BMIN program with more than 10 years experience as ESL teachers, Maikon Borba and his wife, Tatiane, are from Novo Hamburgo in southern Brazil. With his degree in ministry, Maikon hopes to be more prepared to serve the kingdom of God in the role of a youth minister.

Howard Kuang

Howard (Yu) Kuang is from Hubei, China. His plan is to go back to China and preach the gospel to his people after finishing his BMIN degree at Harding. He also in interested in church planting in his home country.

Vitor Lucarelli

Born in Brazil and immigrating with his family to Montreal, Quebec, Vitor Lucarelli comes to the BMIN program to increase his knowledge and ability in ministry. His goal is to give his life for the glory of Christ by boldly spreading his word and living out the gospel where God calls him.

Mario Racancoj

A native of Guatamala, Mario Racancoj and his wife, Debora, have come to Harding after five years of working with youth in Spain. Currently he helps translate for missionaries who travel to Latin America and preaches at a Hispanic congregation in Searcy. He plans to go into youth ministry when he completes his degree.

Lance Sanchez

From Corpus Christi, Texas, Lance Sanchez has a strong passion for sharing Christ with youth. He hopes to share a deep love for Christ as a youth minister, helping to strengthen teenagers' relationships with each other and God.

Josh Terry

Josh Terry is from Camden, Tennessee, and is interested in working as a youth minister. He also would like to go into campus ministry at a public university upon completion of his degree. His overall goal is to continue preaching and teaching God's word.

Sigma II Class (Fall 2015)

Group photo Sigma II with Sp 15

Louis BassayLouis Bassay is from Cameroon.  He has preached full time for 15 years while also serving as a translator/interpreter in French and English.  Prior to coming to Harding, he served as a national youth coordinator for 10 years.  Upon graduation, he plans to become qualified as a marriage counselor and do mission work in his country.
Stephen GoodeStephen Goode and his wife, Denise, are from Texas.  After a career in hospital management and a second career as a high school science teacher, Stephen desires to go into full-time ministry, focusing on seniors and benevolence ministry.
Derek KingDerek King, along with his wife Jennifer, has ministered for more than 20 years in Arizona, Arkansas, California, and British Columbia, Canada.  He has come to Harding University for increased effectiveness in kingdom work.  After his training, he plans to return to British Columbia to train others and plant new churches.
Jason LankfordJason Lankford is from Owensboro, Kentucky, but is currently preaching for a congregation in Jacksonville, Arkansas.  He hopes to graduate with a degree in Bible and ministry, using the knowledge and skills gained to more effectively serve the Lord through the church.
Gepher LopinaGepher Lopina is from the Philippines where he began Hope for Tomorrow Ministry with his wife, Andrea.  After finishing his Bachelor of Ministry degree, he has a vision to return to the Philippines, working to establish new church plants, expand HFT with the churches, and serve orphaned children of his country.
Rebeca MartinezRebeca Martinez is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  She is training in her ministry degree to work with the children's and youth ministry in her home congregation and is also interested in foreign missions to work for the Lord's kingdom.

Rho II Class (Fall 2016)

Rho II Class Fall 2014

Susan Berry

Susan Berry is from Florida.  She has been moved by God to gain knowledge to be more effective in ministry wherever he leads.

John Bryant is from Arkansas, and his desire is to be more fully equipped to serve as a preacher and teacher wherever the Lord may lead.

John Gunter

John Gunter is from Arkansas and has a passion for preaching.  He plans to serve the Lord by becoming a full-time minister.

Kendal Hemphill is from Texas and looks forward to serving as a full-time minister wherever God chooses to send him.

Keith Johnson was born and baptized in South Africa. He spent the last 29 years working with youth (13 years full-time). He plans to return to his native country to work with youth and plant churches.
John Mimms is from Clarksville, Tennessee. He is interested in doing foreign mission work or church planting in the U.S. after his time at Harding.
Patrick O'Neal and his family came from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He desires to complete this degree and, then, serve God's kingdom with his family by preaching and teaching somewhere within the United States.
Matthew Tracy, a native of Lubbock, Texas, hopes to plant churches as a foreign missionary.

Pi II Class (Fall 2015)


Brittany Beckloff is excited to receive her Bachelor of Ministry degree.  She plans to continue her education in psychology and become a Christian counselor.

pedro_maucoPedro Mauco is a native of Venezuela. Passionate about life, his dream is to change the world, helping people to connect with God.

Application Procedure

Application to the BMIN program requires application to Harding University, as well as application to the BMIN program. The COBAM scholarship committee will review the BMIN application only after the applicant has been admitted to Harding University. Returning Harding students will apply for university re-admission through the office of Student Life at 501-279-4332.

Apply online to Harding University

 USA Applicants or International Applicants please follow the application instructions for either below.

USA Applicants

(International Applicants should follow the instructions on the INTERNATIONAL APPLICANT'S form.)

Application Forms

The steps of the BMIN screening process are below, along with the a list of forms required for application and admission to the BMIN program. 

Step 1:  Complete the online BMIN Application

Step 2:  Download and complete the following forms:

Each of the 4 reference forms should be sent to your references, and they should be sent directly to our office by those providing your references. Also, send the completed Health Record to our office.

Step 3:  Review the following:

Please be aware of the following:

  • You are required to send a current photo by email or by mail to our office.
  • SAT/ACT scores may be requested by Harding Admissions.

Step 4:  Formal Interview

Step 5:  Decision on Acceptance by the COBAM Scholarship Committee

Be sure and mail in:
- Your current photo, essay and health record by mail to the address or email below.
- Have your references send your 4 reference forms by mail to the address or email below.

Mailing address:
Harding University
Bachelor of Ministry Program
Box 12280
Searcy, AR 72149-5615

International Applicants

(Applicants from the US should follow the instructions of the US APPLICANT'S form)

Application Forms

The steps of the BMIN screening process are below, along with a list of forms required for application and admission to the BMIN program.

Step 1. Complete the online BMIN Application

Step 2. Download and complete the following forms

Each of the 4 reference forms should be sent to your references, and they should be sent directly to our office by those providing your references. Also, send the completed Health Record to our office.

Step 3:  Review the following:

Please be aware of the following:

You are required to send a current photo by email or by mail to our office.

If chosen as a potential candidate for the program, you may be screened further with the following:

  • Grammar and Composition exam

Step 4. Formal Interview

Step 5. Decision on Acceptance by the COBAM Scholarship Committee

Be sure and mail in:
- Your current photo, essay and health record by mail to the address or email below.
- Have your references send your 4 reference forms by mail to the address or email below.

Mailing address:
Harding University
Bachelor of Ministry Program
Box 12280
Searcy, AR 72149-5615

Frequently Asked Questions

How many credit hours will a student complete to receive a Bachelor of Ministry Degree?

The BMIN degree is granted to those who successfully complete 128 hours of course work: 95 hours in Bible (Old Testament and New Testament), related ministry courses, Greek language, Bible history, and Bible research; and 33 hours of general education.

Am I able to transfer credits from other universities?

Up to 40 hours of Bible credits may be transferred from other institutions. A transfer student with an associate's or bachelor's degree may not need to take liberal arts courses, subject to approval by the Harding Registrar.

Is Harding University accredited?

Yes. Harding University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Do I have to live in Searcy, AR to be in the Bachelor of Ministry program?

This is an in-residence program. Some students may be allowed to commute within reasonable distance, but drive time cuts into study time.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship satisfies tuition costs for up to 128 hours, less the credit hours transferred to your transcript. Courses failed or repeated are not covered by the scholarship--the student is responsible for tuition expense of any repeated course. The scholarship does not cover living expenses.

Can I work and go to school at the same time?

The Bachelor of Ministry program is intense, accelerated, and rigorous, so we limit students to 10 hours of work per week (not counting service to local churches by preaching or teaching). In rare cases, exceptions are made to this guideline. Therefore, it is imperative that students have secured financial support for living expenses before enrolling.

What academic standards must be maintained?

To remain in full status, a student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 in the Bible courses, and a 2.0 in the liberal arts courses.

What is required for acceptance into the BMIN program?

First, one must apply to and be accepted to Harding University. Then, a formal BMIN application must be submitted, which includes a $40 application fee, transcripts of all prior college work, two character references, two religious references, a written essay, and completed health record. Next, a second level of testing may be required, including a Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis, and a grammar test. Finally, a formal interview will take place, and a decision made regarding acceptance into the BMIN program.

See the Application Process section above to apply.

What is a provisional student?

All students are accepted on a provisional basis until they demonstrate they can manage the academic requirements, and contribute in a positive manner to our community of faith and learning. During the first semester, each new student will engage in a progress interview with his/her BMIN advisor. Among the issues discussed are the student’s GPA, aptitude for ministry, and financial stability. After successful completion of 30 credit hours in the BMIN degree, students may be moved to full acceptance status.

What if I have little or no college credit?

Preference is given to applicants having at least 30 hours of credit before applying. This demonstrates whether one can manage college-level work, and eliminates the need to take many of the general education (liberal arts) courses. Exceptions occur, and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Am I required to go on an international campaign?

No. Although, several international trips may be organized for students as part of a course.

How do I raise funds for living expenses?

Most of our students raise funds from family, friends, and churches who are willing to invest in the student and in potential the student exhibits for the cause of Christ.

If I’m not accepted, can I reapply later?


If I’m accepted into the BMIN program, but no scholarships are available, may I pay my way while waiting to be granted a scholarship?

We have had students pay their own tuition in anticipation of receiving a scholarship. However, there is no guarantee that one accepted will be granted the scholarship in that scenario. Scholarships are granted on a semester-by-semester basis.

Why does a scholarship recipient have to be a member of the churches of Christ?

The donors who provide the gifts that enable Harding to offer these full-tuition scholarships do so with the intent that the recipients be faithful and active members of the churches of Christ. We honor the wishes of the donors in this matter.

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