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Shawn Daggett

Dr. Shawn Daggett, Professor of New Testament and Missions, Director of the Center for World Missions

Shawn served as a missionary to Bergamo, Italy, from 1986 to 1996, after which he began teaching at Harding. Shawn has also worked extensively in the New England states, serving with the Natick, MA church and directing Ganderbrook Bible Camp. Shawn teaches courses in missions history, anthropology, European missions and New Testament. In the fall of 2008, 2010, and 2014 Shawn was the director of the HIZ (Harding in Zambia) international program. 

His goals: to inspire and challenge students to participate in God's mission of salvation to the whole world and to recruit, prepare, and equip individuals and teams to effectively communicate the gospel in Europe, Eastern Europe, and New England.

Monte Cox

Dr. Monte Cox, Professor, Dean of the College of Bible and Ministry

Monte served as a missionary to Kenya from 1982 to 1992, when he began teaching full-time at Harding. He served as Director of the Center for World Missions until 2008 when he accepted  the position as Dean of the College of Bible and Ministry. He also teaches courses in missions, anthropology, world religions, North American culture, and textual Bible, and continues to have an integral part in the Center for World Missions.

His goals: to recruit/train mission teams for receptive cities of the world; to expose students to ministry opportunities in the US and equip them for sharing their faith; to participate in revitalization of the movement to be a minister of reconciliation wherever he is.

Allen Diles

Dr. Allen Diles, Professor of Church History and Missions

After graduating from Harding with a degree in Business Management, Allen made the decision to become a full-time missionary. He served in Prague, Czech Republic, for a total of twelve years (1990-91; 1994-2005) doing church planting and leadership training. While in Prague, Allen completed his doctorate in Church History/Historical Theology at Charles University. Allen teaches courses in missions, textual Bible and church history.

His goals: to inspire students to become God's people doing God's work in the places where God desires, to challenge students, regardless of their academic majors, to participate in God's mission of salvation to the whole world, and to recruit, prepare, and equip individuals and teams to effectively communicate the gospel in central and eastern Europe.

Ken Graves

Ken Graves, Director of Global Outreach

After serving as a church planter in Brasil for 18 years, Ken joined the Center for World Missions faculty to direct the Global Outreach summer missions program.  Ken also teaches first year Bible classes in Spanish for the Walton Scholars program.

His goals: to increase participation of Harding students in world missions whether it be by going or by helping to send those who will go.

Alan Howell

Alan Howell, Visiting Professor of Missions

Alan served as a missionary in Mozambique from 2003 to 2018 as part of a church planting team among the Makua-Metto people. That work also included discipleship, leadership training, sustainable development projects, and hosting Harding students as interns each summer. The Howells served as missionaries-in-residence during the 2015-16 school year and are back for Alan to serve as a visiting professor of missions.  
Goals: Alan is passionate about making disciples of Jesus and equipping them to bless and serve the world.   
Gary Jackson

Gary Jackson, Instructor for the College of Bible and Ministry

Gary served as missionary to Belgrade, Serbia from 1983 to 1993; then was missionary to Moscow, Russia from 1994 to 2003; then was missionary to Beijing, China from 2004 to 2012.  He then came to Harding, where he currently teaches bible to Chinese students, and teaches other missions courses.  He directs Harding's Global Outreach interns, students who spend 6-8 weeks in the summer working on the field with current missionaries.
His goals: to be used by God, as one of His instruments to fulfill Christ's prayer (Matt 9:38) to raise up more workers for the kingdom to go out and reap a harvest for His glory.

Oneal Tankersley

Oneal Tankersley, Missionary in Residence

Oneal served as a missionary in Eldoret, Kenya for 20 years where he was part of a church planting team among the Kalenjin and Swahili speaking peoples there. Oneal uses his experience in the field of "development ministry" to direct the HUT missions training facility. He also produces Christian teaching videos for Africa and Haiti.

His goals: to teach students principles of development ministry and to use video technology to promote missions training locally and Christian teaching in foreign mission efforts.  

Alicia Williamson
Alicia Williamson, Adjunct Professor
Alicia served as a domestic missionary in New Jersey from 2004-2018. She and her husband Carl helped to plant two churches in Central Jersey. While in New Jersey, Alicia worked thirteen years as a Health and Physical Education teacher. After moving to Searcy in 2018, Alicia has earned a MA in Systematic Theology and a MA in Christian Ministry from Harding School of Theology. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program for Practical Theology from Regent School of Divinity. 
Her goals: Alicia hopes to mentor, train, and equip young people to become faithful servants of God. She has a heart for God's mission in this world and helping mobilize workers for the kingdom. 
Carl Williamson

Dr. Carl A. Williamson, Assistant Professor, Endowed Chair of Discipleship and Church Planting

Carl served as a missionary to New Jersey, from 2004 to 2017. During that time was instrumental in the formation of two churches. He left Harding with a team of 8 people and made disciples in New Jersey. He grew church leaders by sharing the gospel with those who were lost, afraid, and hurting. Carl teaches classes on Discipleship and works with team formation to encourage Church Planting and Evangelism. In the 2018-2019 school year Carl and his family served as the missionaries in residence at Harding University and he now serves as the Distinguished Andy T. Ritchie Chair for discipleship and church planting.

His goals: to develop a life of discipleship that reproduces mission minded students. He is unyielding in his desire to reach the lost of the world by encouraging students to consider their role in the kingdom of God and how they might dream dreams, form teams, and share the gospel by all means.

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