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    Where will you GO?

  • Global Outreach

    Where will you GO?

  • Global Outreach

    Where will you GO?

  • Global Outreach

    Where will you GO?

Our vision is to inspire all Harding students, regardless of major or vocation, to fulfill the will of God to take the Gospel to every nation.

We take students interested in mission work and empower them to test the waters of sharing Christ in a different culture through various summer mission trip and internship opportunities. Our programs provide logistical support, hands-on training and preparation, connections with other students, faculty and staff around campus, and possibilities of forming relationships with God's people around the world. We facilitate and equip students to GO into the world with hopes that through these experiences, the eyes of students' hearts will be opened to know what God has put them on this earth to do, and that they will no longer be content unless they are sharing Christ in some way.

Mission Trips

Global Outreach mission trips are usually led by Harding faculty or staff, 2-6 weeks long in the summer, and have varying fundraising goals. These trips are very servant-oriented, with specific tasks and goals to encourage our brothers and sisters around the world and to reach those who are not yet believers. We work alongside local churches and missionaries at host sites to serve holistically to further God’s kingdom. For more information regarding sites, the online application, or to donate please click the mission trip tab to the in the drop down menu to the left.


Global Outreach internships have teams composed of only students (2-6 depending on the site), are 6-8 weeks long in the summer, and have a set fundraising goal. These experiences are designed for students who are interested in or at least open to learning about the realities of cross-cultural mission work. In addition to having some specific tasks to accomplish, interns are able to shadow missionaries and local leaders on the field in order to better understand their day-to-day lives. For more information regarding sites, the online application, or to donate please click the internship tab in the drop down menu to the left.

Our goal is that the challenges, victories, and friendships made will open our students' eyes to see beyond their own culture and lifestyle, and will teach them about a world that is waiting in anticipation to find out the Good News of Jesus Christ and his salvation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Global Outreach Process begin?

The kickoff for Global Outreach is mid-September at the Center for World Missions "World Tour." Beginning this process early ensures that there is plenty of time for student paperwork to be turned in, teams to be formed, and training/fundraising to begin.

What countries does Global Outreach send students to?

We have connections and host sites around the world. The locations we send teams to each summer varies due to local church needs and timeframes, missionaries on furlough, open/closed boarders, new contacts, etc. To see which locations we anticipate sending teams to, go to the summer mission trip page and internship page.

Do I need a passport for my Global Outreach trip?

Yes, all travel between countries requires a current, valid passport.

How much do trips cost?

Mission trip prices vary depending on the location and duration of the trip. See the summer mission trip page for site specific details, including the individual fundraising goal.

Internships are a fixed price of $3500 regardless of location and trip duration.

Are Global Outreach donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations made to Global Outreach are tax-deductible as long as the student's name does not appear on the check.

The CDC website lists multiple recommended vaccinations for the country I'm going to… Does that mean I need to get them all?

No, just because the CDC recommends a vaccine for a certain country it does not mean that Global Outreach participants need the vaccine to be safe on their trip. We seriously consider and review all recommended vaccinations for each country and determine which will be necessary based on the specific mission sites and situations students will encounter. Those vaccinations deemed necessary for specific trips are budgeted into student fundraising goals and provided at the Searcy Medical Center.

How do I sign up for a trip?

If you are interested in applying for a Global Outreach Mission Trip or Internship you can access the corresponding application on the Summer Mission Trip page or Internship page.

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