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What is a Missions Internship?

A Global Outreach Summer Internship is anywhere from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. This type of trip is about learning as well as serving. Students must go with the heart of both a servant and a learner. Interns do not necessarily have specific tasks like the mission trips, but instead live with or around missionaries in order to better understand the day-to-day life of an overseas missionary. This trip is about being trained and mentored by people who are already on the field, and is a much more intensive trip than the Summer Mission Trips. There are no faculty members that lead these groups, only students. Just like any other type of internship, a missions internship is for those interested in being missionaries, and are geared towards students who are open to being cross-cultural missionaries in the future, especially if they have already done overseas mission work.

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Missionaries-in-residence meet with interns throughout the year prior to their trip, both one-on-one and in a large group. Interns attend a series of training retreats, take a personality inventory, attend Harding’s All Missions Fellowship, and meet as a team throughout the year. They are also matched up with previous interns for help with language and culture learning.

Students prepare financially by sending out fundraising letters to friends, family, and churches. Each internship is a set price of $3500, and it never ceases to amaze us how God provides every year! Donor funds are tax-deductible, and are handled, tracked, and processed by Harding, not by students.

On the Field

Student activities on the field include some basic language study along with their exposure to the ministry and life of the missionary family. They will have opportunities to share their faith and practice Christian service as well as a chance to spend time "bonding" in the home of indigenous Christian families.

Some students will accompany the missionaries on a trip to survey future mission possibilities among a people unreached by the Gospel. In addition, time for rest and relaxation is scheduled where interns visit a nearby game park or other tourist attractions. 

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