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OutReach America


OutReach America identifies, equips, and coaches disciple makers and church planters. We work with students, churches, and campus ministries to Reach Out through Discipleship & Church Planting in North America. 

We believe that disciples of Jesus actively participate in the kingdom of God through “making and maturing” disciples. The process of discipleship leads to the renewal and starting of new churches.

This program works with students at Harding University to train them in three main areas: (1) Spiritual Disciplines; (2) Living as a Disciple of Jesus; (3) Church Planting


  1. A Prayer Movement: Join other students in prayer on our campus
  2. Discipleship Cohort: Join others students in living discipleship 
  3. Church Plant Team Formation & Coaching: Dr. Carl Williamson provides coaching for teams that are planting churches in North America
  4. University Credit Course: BMIN 3040 "Evangelism & Church Planting" 


  1. A Prayer Movement: Join Harding alumni and friends in prayer for North America
  2. Church Renewal Coaching: Dr. Carl Williamson provides coaching for churches in North America who are seeking to revitalize the mission of the local Church.
  3. Harding Student Connections: We work to connect students with potential careers and the opportunity to work with the local Church.
  4. Retreats & Seminars: Dr. Carl Williamson offers retreats on Spiritual Disciplines, Discipleship, & Church Planting

Contact Us

915 East Market Avenue
Box 12280
Searcy, AR 72149-5615