Information Systems Department

Academic Program

To major in the area of Information Systems (IS) is composed of the liberal arts requirements, the business core, the IS core and a selected IS minor (choose from the 5 listed below). A total of 128 credit hours must be accumulated from these classes. Below is a list of  the major specific courses required of each student beginning study in the area of IS in the Catalog year of 2018. For a description of each course please go to the current catalog.



General Education54 Hours
Business Core40 - 41 Hours (including IS200 Data Management and IS290 MIS)
IS Core 12 Hours
 COMP150 (C++), IS 210 (Python), IS320 (Systems Analysis and Design) IS380 (Database Design) 
 IS MinorEach IS student must select an IS minor (area of concentration)

Data Analystics : IS270 (Web Concepts), IS285 (Data Visualization) IS300 Data Analytics plus 3 IS electives

Network Security: IS 305 (Principles of Information Security Management) IS312 (Network Administration) IS323 (Network Security), plus 3 IS electives 

Project Management: IS 400 (Project Management), IS 405 (Certified Associate in Project Management Preparation, IS 420 (Global Project Management) plus 3 IS electives

Systems Analysis and Design: IS 270 (Web Concepts), IS 305 (Principles of Information Security Management), IS350 (Systems Planning and Management, IS400 (Project Management), plus one IS and one upper level business elective OR 2 IS electives  

Web Application Development: Comp 150 or 151, Comp 250, IS400 - Project Management, IS410  (IS Capstone Project) plus 2 Comp Sci electives.

Elective ClassesIS270, IS285, IS300, IS305, IS312, IS320, IS323, IS350, IS400, IS405, IS420, IS379 (Internship) 
Total Hours128hrs