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The mission of the Paul R. Carter College of Business Administration is to prepare Christian business professionals for lives of service.  Currently, the College of Business Administration Graduate Studies offers the following degree:

Master of Business Administration in Management and Business Ethics (MBA)

This degree program is highly flexible because it is designed with the needs of working professionals in mind.  Students will take twelve 600-level courses, of which 10 are core courses required of everyone.

Accelerated Track

Students who possess an undergraduate degree and have been exposed to the Common Business Proficiency Components may move directly into the Accelerated MBA Track, our 36 credit-hour program.  The Accelerated MBA track is designed for students seeking a traditional MBA that can be completed in a short time.

The program begins with an emphasis on essential skills necessary to be successful in Harding's MBA program. Students move on to explore core business fundamentals in the areas of ethics, management, accounting, financial management, quantitative business analysis, and marketing.  The curriculum is presented in a logical flow to facilitate the learning process, culminating in an experiential capstone course.

The Accelerated MBA curriculum requires the completion of 10 core classes, representing 30 credit hours of study. In addition to the core classes, students choose two (2) elective courses, representing 6 credit hours of study, resulting in completion of the required 36 hours for an MBA degree. Students may choose their electives from any of the elective that we offer.

Below is an example of the MBA Accelerated Track.

Core (30 hours):

The Master of Business Administration curriculum consists of the following 30-hour Core courses.  All students must take these ten core courses, in addition to  two electives.

ACCT 655 Accounting Theory and Practice (3 Hrs)

BUS 601 Ethics, Legal and Social Issues in Business (3 Hrs)

IT 630 Information Systems for Competitive Advantage (3 Hrs)

MGT 650 Managing People and Organizations (3 Hrs)

MKTG 654 Marketing Management (3 Hrs)

FIN 651 Managerial Finance (3 Hrs)

BUS 640 Ethics in the Legal Environment (3 Hrs)

BUS 652 QBA/Research (3 Hrs)

ECON 653 Applied Theory of Economics (3 Hrs)

       MGT 668 Corporate Strategy and Planning (3 Hrs)

Total Core Hours               30 HOURS

Electives (6 hours):  Six (6) hours, or two (2) courses, are to be selected from the following 600-level categories:

HCM (Health Care Management)

IB (International Business)

MGT (Leadership & Organizational Management)

Total Elective Hours               6 HOURS


The Online MBA

One advantage of Harding's MBA program is the opportunity to earn your degree entirely online.  Because many of our student's careers require travel, our MBA program allows them to continue to work toward their MBA degree without interruption from their daily life.

Whether you're a CFO, Nurse, Sales Representative, Administrative Assistant, or a Mom, you will be able to take our classes from any location with Internet access.  The best will never be required to step foot on our campus!  Although we would love to personally meet you, we realize that our online students have very full professional and personal lives, therefore making it difficult to come to campus. 

A second advantage of the online format is that it provides networking opportunities with other students working in a variety of industries from all across the country and around the world.  We currently have students in our online program living and working as far away as Asia and as close as Arkansas.  Our students also come from multiple levels of management experience.  This provides tremendous opportunity and insight into developing communication skills and relationships with other business professionals.

A third advantage of our online format is that it provides the same quality education as a traditional on-site program, utilizing the same course syllabi and textbooks.  Class participation is facilitated through Canvas, which allows instructors and students to communicate with one another.  Class discussions enable students to gain valuable insight from their peers' experiences in current business strategies and applications. 

Online classes are taught in the following format:

Online classes are taught for a six-week to eight-week period of concentrated study, with required log-in activity five out of seven days per week.  There are two blocks each semester. (Except during the summer, when there is only one block.) Students interact with highly qualified instructors who facilitate class participation to gain strategic insight into today's business applications.

Next Step Plan

Bachelor's degree + MBA

So you are not a business major…

An M.B.A. degree is often referred to as one of the most versatile degrees because it can be applied to many fields and pursued by students with  various educational backgrounds.  Regardless of your career path or chosen profession an M.B.A. degree can provide students with essential leadership, organizational and management skills relevant to success in all professions.  While students pursuing an M.B.A. receive an academic foundation in business, much of the course work focuses on the development of essential skills and abilities such as communication, leadership and organizational management which combined with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, results in a qualified professional who is ready to take on the responsibilities of almost any position.


The Program

Harding’s Master of Business Administration program is an ethics-based course of study designed to prepare business professionals for advancement and success through both personal and professional growth.  Harding’s M.B.A. program offers an Accelerated Track (36 hours).  Every M.B.A. course includes an emphasis in business ethics, critical thinking processes, communication skills and problem-solving techniques.  Course work begins with an emphasis in skills necessary to succeed in the program.  Students move on to explore core business fundamentals in the areas of ethics, management, accounting, financial management, quantitative business analysis and marketing.  Electives will be offered in the areas of Leadership & Organizational Management, International  Business, Healthcare Management.  The curriculum is presented in a logical flow to facilitate the learning process and culminates in an experiential capstone course.


Readiness/Leveling Classes

Each student entering the M.B.A. program must have taken undergraduate courses that provide a foundation in accounting, finance and QBA.  Students pursuing The Next Step Plan should structure their undergraduate course load to ensure they have taken these foundation classes.  Students who were unable to take these foundation classes on the undergraduate level will be required to take a readiness course in the areas found to be deficient.  All readiness courses can be taken through an online self-study program.  Courses are taken for no grade or credit and at the students own pace.  Students needing readiness classes will need to complete those courses before being allowed to registered for MBA courses.

Block System

The M.B.A.program is divided into blocks:

Online classes - students are required to log-on five out of seven days in the week for six weeks to eight weeks.  Students have the flexibility to log-on any time during the day or night whether it is 2 a.m. or 2 p.m.

There will be opportunities for synchronous interactions with the instructor and classmates but you will not be penalized if you are unable to participate.


Program Pace

While students can complete their M.B.A. in as short as 4 semesters, all required work for the M.B.A. degree must be completed within seven calendar years from the date of first enrollment.  On average Harding M.B.A. students complete their degrees in 18-24 months. 

Note: Harding undergraduates who are within 9 hours of graduation, if admitted, may be co-enrolled for one semester.  Co-enrolled students may take a maximum of 9 undergraduate hours and 6 graduate hours in their final semester.


Next Step Plan

Bachelor's degree + MBA

Sample: Starting in Fall

Block 1:  BUS 601 Ethic, Legal & Social Issues                          

             ACCT 655 Accounting Theory & Practice

Block 2:  MGT 650 Managing People & Organizations

              IT 630 Information Systems for Competitive Advantage 

Block 1:  MKTG 654 Marketing Management

              FIN 651 Managerial Finance

Block 2:   BUS 652 QBA/Research

               BUS 640 Ethics in the Legal Environment

Block 1:   ECON 653 Applied Theory for Business


Block 1:  Elective 

Block 2:  MGT 668 Corporate Strategy & Planning


The Application

Application Requirements:

  • Graduate admission application
  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Official undergraduate transcript
  • Official GMAT or GRE score report*
  • Current Resume
  • Writing samples (three personal essays)
  • Two recommendation forms

 *Target GMAT score 500/Target GRE score 300.  GMAT/GRE requirement can be waived for applicants with an over all GPA of 3.5.

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