Master of Business Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities are evident in your program that an applicant may not find at other universities?

Harding University continues to offer value based education to each and every student.  Harding's mission has long been to develop individuals through the integration of faith, learning and living.  We are committed to helping every student succeed through personal and professional growth.  From the beginning to the end of their studies, students have the confidence that their needs and expectations are being met.

What is the estimated time to complete the M.B.A. program?

A student can take a maximum of 6 hours per block. You can complete your degree in 4 semesters however, the most common time frame for completion is 18-24 months.

What is the current tuition rate for the M.B.A. program?

The 2018-19 tuition per semester hour is $613 with a $25 per hour tech fee. Each M.B.A. course is a three-credit-hour course; therefore, the tuition rate per course is $1,914. The fourth class per semester would have a discount of $50. The tech fee is only charged on the first 10 credit hours, the fourth class would cost $1,864. For additional information on the tuition and fees, please review the current Graduate Catalog.

What is the job placement percentage for graduate students?

The majority of M.B.A. students that enter the program are already employed.  The applicants are looking to create more opportunities for their careers.  As a general rule, the M.B.A. office is not structured to place students in job positions, but rather provide students with the skills to advance within the corporate and entrepreneurial realm.  The M.B.A. program's online format provides networking opportunities with other students working in a variety of industries from all across the country and around the world.

What is the classroom structure and curriculum of the online courses?

One advantage of Harding's M.B.A. program is the opportunity to earn your degree entirely online.  Students may participate in classes from any location with internet access.  The online M.B.A. program has proven beneficial to working professionals and those living outside campus areas.  Many of our students' careers require travel, and the online program allows them to continue to work towards their M.B.A. degree without interruption.  Online classes remove geographic boundaries and allow interaction among a larger breadth of students.

What are the daily and weekly requirements and format of the online courses?

Online classes are taught for a 8 week period of concentrated study, with required log-in activity of 5 out of the 7 days per week.  The time required, per day and course, varies by course and depends upon the discussion topics and requirements.  Students are restricted to 2 courses per block of online courses.  Students interact with highly qualified instructors who facilitate class participation to gain strategic insight to today's business applications.

If I am an online student, am I required to come to the University campus for a special class session?

You will never be required to come to our campus.  Although we would love to personally meet you, we realize that our online students have very full professional and personal lives; therefore, making it difficult to come to our campus.  The entire M.B.A. program can be completed from a satellite location.  But we hope you will choose to come to campus to walk for your graduation ceremony!

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