Graduate Counseling -

Limitations of Supervision Statement of Understanding


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ACA Code of Ethics, 2005
F.8.b. Impairment
Counselors-in-training refrain from offering or providing counseling services when their physical, mental, or emotional problems are likely to harm a client or others. They are alert to the signs of impairment, seek assistance for problems, and notify their program supervisors when they are aware that they are unable to effectively provide services. In addition, they seek appropriate professional services for themselves to remediate the problems that are interfering with their ability to provide services to others.

Counselor educators, throughout ongoing evaluation and appraisal, are aware of and address the inability of some students to achieve counseling competencies that might impede performance. Counselor educators

  1. Assist students in securing remedial assistance when needed.
  2. Seek professional consultation and document their decision to dismiss or refer students for assistance.
  3. Ensure that students have recourse in a timely manner to address decisions to require them to seek assistance or to dismiss them and provide students with due process according to institutional policies and procedures.

In recognition that counselors have an ethical responsibility to manage their personal lives in a healthful fashion and to seek appropriate assistance for personal problems or conflicts, I affirm that I have read and understand the above stated supervision limitations. In the event my admission to COUN 611 or 613 or 787 is granted, I accept and understand that I am subject to the above supervision limitations, Harding University’s Code of Conduct and the current ACA Code of Ethics while enrolled in COUN 611, 613 and 787. My signature also confirms that I have met requirements listed in this document as pre-requisites to practicum or Internship and that I have received a copy of the Counseling Field Experiences Handbook.

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