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Harding University National Board Statistics

Number of educators who have attended information sessions or graduate classes at Harding University

Number of educators who have completed the National Board process as part of the Harding University National Board program

Percentage of NBCTs in Arkansas who have been directly supported by the Harding University National Board program

Why should I become National Board Certified?

  1. Being an NBCT has financial benefits. In Arkansas, NBCTs receive a yearly retention bonus of $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 from the Arkansas Department of Education, depending on your school and district poverty level. Many school districts pay an additional retention bonus.
  2. You can advance student achievement rates as noted in numerous studies which have shown that students of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) outperform students of non-NBCTs on achievement tests.
  3. You will join more than 100,000 NBCTs that represent most subject areas and developmental levels (K-12).

What is Harding's National Board Certification Program?

The National Board Certification Program at Harding University is designed as a Candidate Support System to help you navigate the sometimes daunting and confusing world of National Board Certification. The National Board graduate classes combine face-to-face meetings supplemented with National Board supported activities.

Harding University National Board candidates have a 1st year achievement rate of 55%, compared to the state 1st year achievement rate of 33% and national 1st year achievement rate of 40%. By the 3rd year of candidacy, Harding University National Board candidates achieve at a 80.2% rate compared to a 65% national rate.

"I feel that the education I received from the National Board program at Harding educated me in the process of how to achieve National Board Certification.  The program really helped me understand what the standards meant and how to show strong student evidence.  Through deep discussions and class participation I feel that I not only achieved certification, but became a much stronger teacher in the process."

Lisa Taylor, NBCT
Willis D. Shaw Elementary School
Springdale, AR


What courses are required?

Our program consists of the following two courses that rigorously prepare you for National Board Certification:


EDFD 646 - Candidacy toward National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (3 hrs)

Both of these courses may be included in Harding University's programs:

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Master of Arts: Excellence in Teaching

Are there any scholarships or tuition reimbursements available for this program?

Harding offers a 40% tuition scholarship for current educators enrolled in graduate courses.

Arkansas Department of Higher Education also offers tuition reimbursement for up to 6 graduate hours per year through the Teacher Opportunity Program (TOP).

Where can I find more information about National Board?

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website

Arkansas Department of Education website

Dr. Clara Carroll's personal website

Who do I contact?

Dr. Clara Carroll, NBCT, Associate Dean

501-279-4501 or


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