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Marriage & Family Counseling/Therapy

  • Pursue a career focused on preserving marriages and strengthening families.


If you're looking for premier training in preserving marriage and strengthening families, you've come to the right place.

Our Master of Science degree in marriage and family counseling/therapy is aimed at preparing students to think and practice therapy from a systemic perspective. Throughout the curriculum, students are trained to address family structure and dynamics with direct experience in family violence, sexual abuse and substance-related issues that affect the system and subsystems.

A full-time, cohort experience

While many training programs offer online degrees and part-time opportunities, our program is a full-time, cohort experience that provides all of your clinical and supervisory hours, so you don't have to create your own. Being a part of a cohort, you have a sounding board that aids self-reflection, you have consistent study partners, and you are able to consult on cases together. The program begins once a year in August, so you will join a group of students who you will get to know in each of your classes and through your practicum placements spanning the entirety of the program.

Where knowledge meets experience

What makes our program stand out?


credit hours to complete the degree


licensures through one program


ratio for supervised client contact hours


total hours of face-to-face client contact

Learning beyond the classroom

Make direct clinical application of what you are learning to real life clients while having weekly supervision for those same cases. Completion of the program requires a minimum of 500 face-to-face client contact hours, 200 of which must be family/relational.

Two licensures, one program

Students satisfying requirements for the degree will be academically prepared to proceed toward the marriage and family therapy license in respective states.

We offer two additional courses embedded into the program to meet the academic requirements for LPC. Therefore our students can graduate and immediately pursue licensure for both LMFT & LPC.

A career you can count on

Did you know? CNN Ranks MFTs in the Top 50 Best Jobs in America with a 10-year job growth at 41.2 percent. Read more »


Admission Requirements

  • Online application and fee
  • Official transcript 
    (Harding alumni will not need a Harding transcript)
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Three reference letters (professional or academic)
  • Professional Resume
  • Test scores from one of these: GRE, MAT, Praxis II (MS school only)
  • Valid teachers license (MS school only)
  • Immunization Record

Academic Catalog

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Internships and Practicums

Supervisors and students should contact the Mental Health and Wellness office for a direct link to training materials, handbooks and forms. Please contact Dr. Marc Fager for if you have additional questions.

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