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Elementary Education

The Elementary Education program offered at Harding University certifies a candidate to teach kindergarten through sixth grades (K-6).

General Information
All Elementary Education majors must meet the requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education ProgramAdmission to the Supervised Teaching Semester, and the criteria below:

  • At least 45 upper-level hours and 128 total hours are required for graduation.
  • At least eight hours of textual Bible classes including BNEW 111 and 113 and BOLD 203 and 207 are also required.
  • English course sequence of 113, 201 or 202, and 211 is required.
  • ELED 410 is a prerequisite for ELED 411.
  • EDFD 311 must be taken at Harding University.
  • Students should take EDFD 202 and 203 during their freshman year but no later than the junior year.
  • Students should apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program as soon as they complete EDFD 202 and 203.
  • Students should reserve either the fall or spring semester of the senior year for the block of courses accompanying student teaching.

Suggested Program for Elementary Education

Curriculum Plan

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