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K-12 Education

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K-12 Education offers programs which prepares candidates for licensure in the following fields:

General Information

All K-12 Education majors must meet the Requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program, Admission to the Supervised Teaching Semester, and the criteria below:

  • At least 45 upper-level hours, at least eight hours of textual Bible classes including one Old Testament textual class, and 128 total hours are required for graduation. Some areas may require more than 128 hours.
  • No education courses may be taken by correspondence and the following courses must be taken in residence at Harding: EDFD 3110, SEED 4140, and Student Teaching.
  • English course sequence of 1130, 2010 or 2020, and 2110 are required.
  • Students should take EDFD 2020 and 2030 during their sophomore year.
  • Students should apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program as soon as they complete EDFD 2020 and 2030.
  • Students should reserve either the fall or spring semester of the senior year for the block of courses accompanying student teaching.

Program for K-12 Education

Students are also strongly encouraged to meet licensure requirements in at least one additional area, and those who seek additional licensure must meet Arkansas requirements in that teaching area. The K-12 education program must include:

Liberal Arts Component - (54 hours) 

Exceptions to the general education requirement are EDFD 2030 in place of PSY. 2010, and add HED 2030. AP, CLEP or course credit is required for the prerequisites to the Teacher Education Program. The following courses are prerequisites for admission to the Teacher Education Program: COMM 1010, EDFD 2030, ENG 1130, ENG 2110, MATH 1330 or higher, and EDFD 2020 with a grade of "C" or better and meet Harding's current cut scores on PRAXIS Core-Reading, Writing, and Math examination or cut scores for ACT/SAT.

Content for the Teaching Area(s) - (hours will vary according to major) 

Twelve hours of social studies including POLS 1787 and HIST 1010 or 1020 are required. There is a minimum number of courses required in each teaching area, usually greater than the 18 hours required for a minor.

Humanistic and Behavioral Studies - (8 hours)

Includes EDFD 2030 and SPED 3180. 

Teaching and Learning Theory - (12 hours)

Includes EDFD 2020, SEED 4140, EDFD 3110, SEED 4170, and SEED 4190-4300.
Includes SEED 4510 or 4610. Students certifying in art, music, and kinesiology must take SEED 4610. SEED 4800 is also required.

Electives - (varies with major selected)

Total Minimum Degree Requirements = 128 hours. 

*The State Board of Education adopted the Foundations of Reading assessment for Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education (K-12) licensure for those candidates beginning a teacher education program beginning Fall 2017.  This test complies with Act 416 of 2017 that requires a person applying in those two licensure areas to pass a stand-alone assessment of the essential components of beginning reading instruction based on the science of reading.  For more information on the Foundations of Reading assessment including Arkansas cut score, visit the Arkansas Reading Assessment website.

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