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Book Lists

Ken Stamatis' book lists from his "So Many Books, So Little Time" workshops.

2014 Book List (pdf)

2013 Book List (pdf)

2012 Book List (pdf)

2011 Book List (pdf)

2010 Book List (pdf)

2009 Book List (pdf)

2008 Book List (pdf)

2007 Book List (pdf)

2006 Book List (pdf)

2005 Book List (pdf)

2004 Book List (pdf)

2003 Book List (pdf)

2002 Book List (pdf)


Aligning Daily Instruction with the PARCC Assessment

Unit and Lesson Creators (pdf)

PARCC Glossary (pdf)

ELA Combined Evidence Tables (pdf)


Unit: Forced Relocation of Groups in America: Integrating/Evaluating Multiple Sources Presented in Diverse Formats
Lesson: Native American Removal (Early 1800s)
Creator: Bryce Bennett

Unit Plan (pdf)

Lesson Overview (pdf)

Daily Breakdown (pdf)

Matrix (pdf)

Rubric (pdf)

Sources (pdf)


Unit: Mental Illness
Lesson: What is Hamlet's Mental Disorder?
Creator: Casey Harris

Unit Plan (pdf)

Lesson Overview (pdf)

Daily Breakdown (pdf)

Hamlet Mental Illness Chart (pdf)


Unit: From Text to Film: Comparing the Experience of Reading a Text to Viewing an Audio or Video Version
Lesson: Comparing and Contrasting the Text and Film Versions of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
Creator: Bethany Philpot

Unit Plan (pdf)

Lesson Overview (pdf)

Daily Breakdown (pdf)

Visualization - Making Mind Movies (pdf)

Visualizing with the 5 Senses (pdf)

Venn Diagram (pdf)

Focused Reading Viewing Guide (pdf)

Thinking Critically About the Movie Adaptation of a Book (pdf)

Book v. Film Comparison Essay Instructions (pdf)

Book v. Film Comparison Essay Rubric (pdf)


Unit: Molecules That Matter: Structure and Properties of Matter
Identifying and Evaluating an Argument: Global Warming and Methane
Sarah Vann

Unit Plan (pdf)

Lesson Overview (pdf)

Daily Breakdown (pdf)

Collaborative Group Rubric (pdf)


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