Honors Scholars

Honors Scholars are a select group of around 40 students who make up the Honors College's incoming freshman class ech year.  These students are National Merit Semifinalists and Finalists, Harding Trustee Scholars, and other students in the College Board's Recognition programs. If openings remain, students may be selected from the pool of Trustee Award applicants and Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished Scholars.

Honors Scholars must maintain a 3.25 GPA and complete the curriculum below before their final year to remain in the Honors College and, therefore, retain their scholarship. 

As freshmen, the Scholars are invited to join the American Studies Institute, an opportunity typically available only to upperclassmen.

Honors Scholars are offered priority registration each semester. Details of the priority registration process will be provided in the spring after the financial award offer has been accepted by the student.

Honors Scholars will be contacted by the Honors College soon after their award has been offered by the University Admissions Office. 

First Semester Requirements

  • HNRS 2000 (1) – Honors Cornerstone
  • HNRS 2020 (2) – Life and Teachings of Jesus (Gospels)

Freshman Honors Scholars are required to enroll in HNRS 2000 (Honors Cornerstone) and HNRS 2020 (Life and Teachings of Jesus) during their first semester. These foundational courses are taught by Honors professors with a passion for
teaching and mentoring. The courses are small in size to allow for discussion and collaborative learning. This cohort of students will become a valued community of friends and support to one another.

Continuing Requirements

Choose at least three courses before the final year

  • HNRS 2010 (3) – Communication and Critical Thinking (meets one of the following requirements in the Liberal Arts: COMM 1010, ENG 1110, or ENG 2110)
  • HNRS 2021 (2) – Faith and Mission of the Church (Acts Through Revelation)
  • HNRS 2022 (2) – Creation and Kingdom (Genesis Through Esther)
  • HNRS 2023 (2) – Wisdom and Prophets (Job Through Malachi)
  • HNRS 2030 (3) – The Big Questions (meets one of the following requirements in the Liberal Arts: ART 1010, THEA 1010, MUS 1010-1015, ENG 2010, ENG 2020, HIST 2100, or HIST 2110)
  • HNRS 2040 (3) – Social Systems (meets one of the following requirements in the Liberal Arts: ECON 2010, POLS 1787, PSY 2010, SOC 2030, or global perspectives)
  • HNRS 2050 (3) – The Physical World (meets one of the following requirements in the Liberal Arts: BIOL 1100, MATH 1200, PHS 1010, PHS 1020/1020L, PHS 1030, PHS 1050, or PHS 1060)
  • HNRS 4590 (3) – Seminar in Ethics
  • HNRS 4750-4756 (0-3) – Selected Topics

All Honors Scholars are expected to engage in scholarship, leadership and service to the community. To maintain eligibility as an Honors Scholar, students will

  • maintain a 3.25 cumulative university GPA
  • participate in the academic and student life offerings in the Honors College
  • participate in leadership and service opportunities on campus, in the community and beyond


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