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The pre-nursing curriculum prepares the student for admission to Harding’s Carr College of Nursing. Students may complete their pre-nursing preparation in two years. Application to the Carr College of Nursing must be made the semester prior to desired admission. Students must follow the curriculum course sequence carefully to ensure that all science prerequisites are met.

For further information, refer to the Carr College of Nursing  section in the online catalog or contact the Director of Admissions at or 501-279-4475.

Adviser: Jeanne Castleberry, M.B.A.



Bachelor of Science in Nursing

• Nursing Major (NURS), BSN

Printable version of course sequence: Undergraduate Course Curriculum Sequence pdf



In addition to general fees, Harding administers special fees for NURS 100, NURS 203, NURS 210, NURS 300, NURS 315, NURS 321, NURS 344, NURS 350, NURS 351, NURS 352, NURS 362, NURS 413, NURS 450,NURS 452, NURS 453, NURS 454, NURS 455, and NURS 462.

Beyond fees administered by the University, nursing majors incur personal incidental expenses for which students are personally responsible. These include selected clinical expenses, health-related expenses, NCLEX-RN licensure application fees, health insurance, uniforms, equipment and transportation expenses. The table below lists approximate expenses.

PrenursingUniforms, Lab coat, Name Badge, Insignia$230.00
 Gas for car ($11/trip X 5 trips)$55.00
 Equipment (watch with second hand, blood pressure cuff, bandage scissors, tuning fork, reflex hammer, near vision card, penlight)$155.00
 stethoscope (price varies depending on type)$75.00 - 150.00
 Laptop Computer$500.00
Level IGas for car ($25/trip x 42 trips/semester)$1,050.00
Level IIResearch poster, etc.$100.00
 Senior licensure expenses (licensure application, fees and expenses)$450.00
 Gas for car ($25/trip X 42 trips/semester)$1,050.00

Costs listed are approximate and subject to change. Computer requirement: Effective Fall 2015, all students involved in the nursing degree program must have ready access to a laptop computer and designated software.  Specific computer and software requirements are posted on the Harding University Carr College of Nursing website.  (Courses that require the student to regularly bring a laptop to class include all nursing courses numbered 300 and above.) 

Please click MAC to find computer requirements. 

Please click PC to find computer requirements

Each student must carry nursing liability insurance, which is included in course fees.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to all health facilities where learning experiences are provided. Each student must have access to a car during the entire nursing program for individual clinical experiences.

These costs are above the usual University fees and tuition charges.





Mission Opportunities

Health care missions has been a major focus since the beginning of the Carr College of Nursing at Harding. The first health care mission trip took place in 1977. The following material highlights health care mission opportunities and activities through the Carr College of Nursing.

All students who desire to have a global health care/cultural experience are encouraged to do so and are assisted in fulfilling that dream. We pray that from this group of students God will raise up long-term servants for the mission field as they follow in the footsteps of the Great Physician.

International Missions

Guatemala: In February each year, student nurses spend an intensive week serving in Guatemala, C. America.  They partner with Health Talents International (HTI) and a surgical team of experienced nurses and physicians as they assist in with pre and post-op care.  The headquarters for HTI is located in Searcy, AR, making it convenient for our students to connect and receive additional cultural preparation.  To learn more about HTI, go to


Haiti, West Indies: Since Spring Break of 1992, the Carr College of Nursing (HCCN) students participate in an annual health mission trip to the impoverished island nation of Haiti, West Indies.  The mission initially began as curative health clinics; however; in recent years, the focus of the trip has changed to health promotion and disease prevention using a community health education approach in the homes, schools and communities of the Haitian people.  In addition, health education classes in primary health care and disease prevention are taught to school teachers and men training to be preachers with the vision that they will include health education information in their classes and ministries. To learn more go to


Africa/Tanzania: For four to six weeks in the summer, senior nursing students have an opportunity to work and serve in a mission hospital in a rural resource limited region of E. Africa.  They participate in all areas of the hospital: pediatrics, adult, maternity and community nursing.  They have an opportunity to learn about and care for patients with a wide variety of tropical diseases, as well as the delivery of babies and the care of critically ill children.  They gain a better appreciation for how the majority of the world receives their health care and better understand many of the barriers to vulnerable populations.

Tour of the Chimala Mission Hospital by Kyle Vath, one of our graduates. watch video

Domestic Missions

Christian Health Ministry of White County: Harding student nurses and faculty are provided an opportunity on a Sunday afternoon to assist in a Christian health center that serves the medically and economically disadvantaged of this county.


Health Wellness Screenings: Local churches invite faculty and students to provide their members and community friends with information for promoting health, preventing disease and screening for heart and cancer risks.


"Development Ministries" Class (BMIS 388): This two-week course is taught at Harding University Tahkodah (HUT), where students live in a simulated Global Village.  Through cross-cultural simulations, the course provides hands-on training in various types of benevolent outreach to the poor, including intensive gardening, livestock management, water development and sanitation, appropriate technology, and primary health care.  Students are also introduced to theological as well as strategic issues in relief and development.  


Health Missions Minor: HCCN now offers a health missions minor.  Any of the above mentioned mission trips can qualify to help the student fulfill the requirements for this minor.  For more information, please see the current HU online academic catalog for specific course requirements.


Harding University in Zambia International Program: The International Programs have been specially designed to further enhance the stated mission of the university to help students develop a Christian understanding of and respect for other cultures. As an extension of the Searcy campus, these international experiences provide unique opportunities for study and travel overseas for both students and university faculty. The international living experience realized by the quantity and quality of time immersed in another culture yields insights and perspectives that can be gained in no other way. As with our university course offerings on the Searcy campus, the international programs of study provide rigorous, yet flexible courses of study by drawing from each unique international locale the best opportunities for expanded study and growth. Because of these unique experiences, students and university faculty develop lifelong relationships.

The Harding University International Programs — academic programs based in Florence, Italy (HUF); London, England (HUE); Australasia (HUA); Athens, Greece (HUG); Viña del Mar, Chile (HULA); Paris, France (HIP); and Namwianga Mission, Zambia (HIZ) — provide unique opportunities for study and travel overseas. For every program, a selection of courses that apply to the liberal arts requirements are offered that may be studied in a particular locale.

Other Health Mission Resources

IHCF (International Health Care Foundation) African Christian Hospitals:

Tanzania Christian Clinic:

Chimala Mission Hospital & Schools:

Healing Hands International:

Scholarship Opportunities

Registered Nurse JobsRegistered Nurse Jobs
Search Thousands of Entry Level Jobs, Externships, & Scholarship Opportunities on CampusRN.

Apply for the CampusRN - Arkansas Nursing Scholarship
Visit CampusRN to apply for the $2500.00 regional scholarship.

Scholarships NursingScholarships Nursing
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NSNA Scholarship Opportunities
Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association (FNSNA)

Honors College

The Carr College of Nursing and the Honors College has designed a course of study for students who wish to take Honors courses while pursuing a nursing degree.

NURS 100.H1Introduction to Nursing1

(Limited enrollment, you must be enrolled in the Honors College.)

Honors Contract courses:

After taking 3 H or HNRS courses you will be able to propose an honors contract. Select from the following College of Nursing courses:

NURS 351Nursing Adults/Chronic Health5
NURS 352Nursing Adults/Acute Health5
NURS 354Gerontological Nursing2
NURS 363Pathophysiology3
NURS 412Research3
NURS 450Pediatric/Child Health5
NURS 452OB and Women's Health5
NURS 453Community Health5
NURS 454Advanced Med-Surgical5
NURS 455Leadership and Management4


Honors Capstone course:

Nursing 462 may be taken as an Honors Capstone course. Please see your instructor or contact the Honors College for more information.

NURS 462Capstone3


More info on Honors College...

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