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Dual Degrees

Pharmacy students may pursue one of these two degrees concurrently with their Pharm.D. degree:

  • Master of Business Administration

  • Master of Science in Information Systems

Pharmacy students who desire to pursue a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Science in information systems degree through the Harding Online concurrently with their Pharm.D. degree may choose to take courses to fulfill the elective requirements in the Pharmacy program, provided the preceding criteria are met. While the MBA or MSIS may be completed at the same time as the Pharm.D., it may also be completed afterwards.

MBA Curriculum

MBA Core:

  • ACCT 6550 - Accounting Theory and Practice
  • BUS 6010 - Ethics and Social Issues in Business
  • BUS 6400 - Ethics in the Legal Environment
  • FIN 6510 - Managerial Finance
  • IS 6300 - Information Systems for Competitive Advantage
  • MGT 6500 - Managing People and Organizations
  • MGT 6680 - Corporate Strategy and Planning
  • MGT 6900 - Conflict Management in Business
  • MKTG 6540 - Marketing Management


  • PHA 5060 and PHA 7500 covers BUS 6010 
  • A maximum of 4 MBA courses be used for Pharm Elective credit

MSIS Curriculum 

MSIS Core:

  • IS 6300 - Information Systems for Competitive Advantage

  • IS 6350 - Database Management Systems
  • IS 6400 - Systems Analysis and Design
  • IS 6450 - Data Ethics and Privacy
  • IS 6520 - Data Visualization
  • IS 6530 - Data Quality
  • IS 6610 - Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • IS 6630 - Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • IS 6710 - Project Management
  • IS 6750 - CAPM/PMP Exam Preparation (Project Management)


  • PHA 5060 and PHA 7500 covers IS 6450 
  • A maximum of 4 MSIS courses can be used for Pharm Elective credit

Pharmacy students will take the remainder of the MBA or MSIS courses outside of the doctor of pharmacy curriculum. A pharmacy student who chooses to pursue these options could concurrently earn up to 15 credit hours of the 30-hour MBA or MSIS requirement by the time he or she graduates with a Pharm.D. degree. Students may not take more than a total of 21 credit hours without prior approval in any given semester at Harding and may not be enrolled in certain Harding Online courses without an appropriate degree if not concurrently enrolled in the pharmacy program. The Pharm.D. degree is conferred by the College of Pharmacy and the MBA is conferred by the College of Business.

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