• College of Sciences

    The Biology Department offers a variety of unique programs and classes — from biotechnology to birdwatching.

  • This is a photo of the Pryor England Science Building at sunset.

    College of Sciences

    The Pryor England Science Building is home to the math, chemistry, computer science, biology, physics and engineering departments.

  • This is a photo of an engineering student at Harding.

    College of Sciences

    Where scientific theory meets practical applications of modern technology.

    Engineering & Physics
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    College of Sciences

    Pursue clinical psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, cognitive neuroscience, law and more.

    Behavioral Sciences
  • College of Sciences

    Explore your interests in chemistry, biochemistry & molecular biology, and more in contemporary lab spaces.


Welcome to the College of Sciences

We strive to lead our students to success in whatever area they pursue.

Within our departments, we offer a broad range of educational opportunities that provide hands-on learning experiences in the classroom, in our laboratories and even work in the field.

Be inspired by our experienced faculty and become involved in projects that provide practical training to prepare you for your future endeavors.

To learn more about the opportunities we provide, explore our undergraduate and graduate majors and programs.

 Undergraduate Programs

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 Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Kinesiology & Sport Administration »

Growth in Knowledge and Service

We believe in the pursuit of sound knowledge and establishing a foundation to enhance growth in critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and Christian service.

  • Harding is a staging ground for the future — you refine your faith here.

    Gehrig Haberstock ,
    College of Sciences

    Gehrig's Story
  • My education is going toward a higher purpose to make our community better.

    Alyssa Anderson ,
    College of Sciences

    Alyssa's Story
  • I will never know everything that God did for us with our body, but it’s fun trying to learn everything.

    Jared Knappe ,
    College of Sciences

    Jared's story
  • I feel like family and consumer science is a good mission platform.

    Rachel Perry ,
    College of Sciences

    Rachel's story
  • My goal is to own a recreation center specifically for inner-city kids.

    Vanessa Lewis ,
    College of Sciences

    Vanessa's story
  • Harding helps you continue to pursue your identity and your purpose.

    Dallas Herrmann ,
    College of Sciences

    Dallas' Story