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If you have a mind for business and a desire to lead, Harding’s online Master of Business Administration program can help you meet your goals.

What is the value of an Online MBA?

Before investing in an online MBA program, you need to know if it will help you professionally. An MBA degree is an investment in your career and symbolizes your commitment to your personal and professional development. These are valuable messages to send to future employers. In addition, an MBA builds on the concepts you learned in your undergraduate degree to provide actionable knowledge you can apply directly on the job.

Is an Online MBA Program Respected?

As more individuals seek to develop their skills without sacrificing their flexibility, online degree programs have grown in popularity and developed significantly in the past 10 years. An online MBA program carries the same weight as an on-campus program. The classes and content of Harding’s online program are developed with the same level of dedication as our on-campus programs.

How much does an MBA increase your salary?

The average salary for MBA graduates in 2021 is projected to be $87,966. This is significantly higher than the average starting salary of $53,889 for those graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2019. Thus, pursuing an MBA can provide you with both career advancement and a more Lucrative Salary.

What You Will Learn in our Program

Students enhance their understanding of business and leadership throughout the duration of the program. Harding’s students develop well-rounded knowledge in core areas of business ethics, management, accounting, financial management, quantitative business analysis and marketing.

Harding is dedicated to providing students with knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to positions of leadership in business. Graduates are equipped with high-level business practices and management skills to support their long-term success. In addition to hard skills, each course emphasizes communication and critical thinking.

Online MBA degree students will also gain beneficial professional skills in the following courses:

  • Ethical and Social Issues in Business
  • Project Management
  • Conflict Management

Christian ethics are foundational to Harding’s online MBA program, helping students navigate potential ethical dilemmas and identify the business practices that match their values. Students are encouraged to be leaders of integrity who set the same high expectations for those they manage. If you want a quality business degree taught from a Christian perspective, Harding’s online MBA program may be right for you.

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