Master of Science in Information Systems

  • Master in Information Systems

Technology is integrated into every aspect of business today. The Master of Science in information systems degree will empower you to lead in a competitive marketplace and embrace digital transformation. By earning this degree, you will be able to pursue a variety of technology-related careers that support business growth and innovation.

What can you do with a Master of Science in Information Systems?

Graduates with an MSIS degree can pursue a variety of careers with their advanced education. The business and technology fields provide many opportunities to apply project management, data analytics and information security skills.

Is an online MSIS degree worth it?

Pursuing a graduate education can be a difficult choice. Do the career outcomes outweigh the additional cost and time of a graduate program? Harding University’s flexible online format promotes a balanced lifestyle that empowers you to maximize your career success. With an online MSIS degree, you can advance in your current field or apply the valuable hard skills you gain in a new field.

Applying Online Is Quick and Easy

If you are interested in our online MSIS program, we encourage you to Apply! MSIS admissions counseling is available to guide you through the admissions process.

What You Will Learn in our Program

You will learn critical and systems thinking as they apply to the integration of technology, business and culture. The program focuses on data collection, analytics, ethics, security and risk. Graduates also gain a PMP certification level knowledge of project management, essential to managing complex data, system development and business operations. Though no previous technology experience or degree is necessary, this MSIS program teaches students cybersecurity basics, data analytics and agile methods for project management. These highly demanded skills support entry into evolving businesses. 

Harding’s MSIS degree supports knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to real world business problems. Each course emphasizes innovation and the importance of agility in responding to the marketplace and flexibility in responding to multiple stakeholders. You will learn how to leverage technology to become more effective in your professional career and to create a competitive advantage for you and your company.

No previous technology degree or experience is necessary to successfully earn this MSIS degree.

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