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  • Educators Abroad (COE)

Travel with Educators Abroad for two weeks during the summer in Europe 

Tentative 2024 Dates May 20 - June 1 | Optional independent travel at the end of the two-week program

Educators Abroad is the perfect opportunity to experience European cities and culture that will broaden your perspective on the world.

Effective teachers, counselors, and leaders see the bigger picture and this approximately 2-week stay in European cities and countryside allows you to meet people, learn languages, see amazing sites, and visit schools. You will borrow from these experiences for years to come as you share your memories and insights with your students. You don’t really understand where you’re from until you’ve journeyed somewhere else. This is a gift you can share with your students, clients, and colleagues once you’ve experienced the journey yourself!

This trip will change your perspective—and life. Join others with like minds and become a global citizen. And, invite your friends!

For more information, contact Dr. Donny Lee at or Dr. Todd Patten at


Summer 2024 Course Offerings

Educators Abroad 2024 students are charged for 3 credit hours. If you enroll in more than 3 credit hours, you will be charged for those hours. No student is eligible to attend an international program who is currently on academic, chapel or disciplinary probation on the Searcy campus. Any student who has applied and/or been accepted will automatically become ineligible if placed on any type of probation up until the time of departure. Such individuals will be placed on a waiting list and may go only if there are openings after probation has been removed. In addition, a student must have an overall 2.0 GPA.

EDFD 4500 - Studies in Education (3)

COUN 6900 - Specialized Studies in Professional Counseling (3)


Summer 2024 Cost Breakdown

Final cost and charges are subject to change.

Summer 2024 Payment Schedule
$500 with application
$2,000 March 1, 2024
$3,505 May 1, 2024
Total Cost $6,005

Application Fee ($500) paid at the time of application and refundable up until the travel
payment deadline.

Travel Payment ($2,000) includes prepayment for required deposits associated with reservations during your program, as well as roundtrip airfare from your home city. Airline frequent flyer miles may  be accumulated; however, no personal frequent flier miles or points may be used to acquire the flight(s). All travel arrangements are made by the International Programs office. A fuel surcharge, imposed by the airlines, may be added, typically not exceeding $500. Round-trip airfare is typically based on travel from Little Rock. If your home city exceeds this fare, you may be charged accordingly.

Final Payment includes tuition for 3 hours (for both undegraduate and graduate students), room and board, technology fee, local travel, tour guides, museums and art galleries, facility cleaning, and linen/laundry.

Federal Financial Aid may not be available for students enrolled in fewer than 6 hours. Students wanting to access federal funds for this program should enroll in an additional course online during the summer term. 

For information regarding finances, loans, scholarships, and billing, please contact Angie Shafer at or 501-279-4338.

Final cost and charges are subject to change. Those who cancel after airline tickets have been purchased and land travel arrangements have been paid will be liable for any penalties assessed by the airlines and land travel companies. Funds that can be recovered will be returned to the student’s account as soon as possible. If you are enrolling in a future semester not indicated on this cost sheet, you may estimate the payment increase at 4-5% per school year.

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